A house covered in snow

The Value Of Community Focused Roofers

November 1, 2017

Roofing companies operating in Toronto tend to specialize in flat roofs – a preferred style in the GTA – although they should be experts in all styles and types of roofing. The importance of using high-quality materials in roofing is vital, especially in flat roofs. Most reputable Toronto roofers use the highest quality materials to produce a longer lasting roof; a roof in the GTA should last at least 20-30 years and as long as 40 years if proper maintenance is observed. Shingles of high quality defend against volatile weather and provide the best protection for a home. 

The Value Of Community Focused Roofers

A house covered in snow

There are some styles of flat roofs (as represented below) that depict the benefits of various roofing materials, particularly for flat roofs. Flat roof styles have the following roofing materials:

  1. The Built-Up Roof is constructed with hot tar and gravel; the roof is layered with waterproof materials which are then alternated with hot tar. Over the hot tar is a layer of gravel (ballasted); Materials made of fiberglass membranes have replaced tar paper in the past decade.
  2. The Rubber Membrane roof is made of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), which resembles an inner tube. The material is produced to explicitly minimize exposure and damage from sunlight. The membrane is anchored to the roof using fasteners and ballasted with stone. 
  3. A Modified Bitumen is a rolled roof which works like an ice and water shield. The roof has a mineral based surface which is then heated, causing the adhesive on the single ply roofing to attach to the roof.

The attention to detail and savings a small, family run roofing company can provide is critical to maintaining customer confidence. The importance of a family run company is that the company has invested in Toronto and the community. Roofing operations that are family owned will not pull up stakes, since it has roots in the community and treats its customers as part of the family, constantly going above and beyond and striving for customer satisfaction. A family owned company’s goal is to save money for its customers while making an honest living for themselves. Visit the Professional Roofers Blog for an example of a community focused roofing company with an interest in the wellbeing of the population at large and for a solid supply of helpful roofing tips.


Before it begins to snow, the roof must be winterized through the following processes:

  1. Remove any roof debris such as branches and leaves. 
  2. Clean the gutters of leaves. 
  3. Clean the drainpipes.
  4. Trim the tree. 
  5. Remove snow from the roof.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are found at the edge of a roof. The concern is that snow is not able to melt and properly drain; the water then backs up and will leak into the home causing damage to the walls and ceiling. Escaping heat from the attic causes the snow to melt which results in the dreaded ice dams. 

A close up of a snow covered mountain

24-Hour Emergency Services in Roofing

Roofing companies do not sleep. After you call in an emergency, individuals must protect their home from water:

  1. Find a pan or bucket to collect the water. 
  2. Remove all paper products, electronic devices, computers, and furniture. Cover these items with plastic
  3. Ceilings that start to bubble should be collapse with a sharp object like a screwdriver. This type of preventive action may save the ceiling from falling.

Talk to neighbours and browse online to find a reputable, community focused roofing company that is right for you!

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