How to make sure your child and your new pet get along well

How to make sure your child and your new pet get along well

January 5, 2021

Bringing a new pet home is extremely exciting for everyone in the family. Especially if you have kids, you want to make sure they like the new addition and become friends with them. Always remember that both your child and the new pet will take some to adjust to the new situation. In this article, we have gathered a list of things you can do to make sure your child and your new pet get along well.

Let your kids know about the new pet in advance

We understand that you might want to surprise your child with the new pet but that will not always work well in everyone’s case. Which is why you at least have to hint it to them that you might get a new family addition soon. Get them used to the idea of having a pet animal around and make sure they are not against it. This will make sure that your child doesn’t get startled by the new pet’s arrival and their first meeting goes well.

Allow your child and the new pet to hang out alone

Your kids have to feel comfortable around the pet before they befriend him/her. The new pet also has to develop a liking to them. While they learn to play together, be around them so there is nothing wrong happening. Keeping an eye on them is a necessity so both your child and your new pet is safe and happy.

How to make sure your child and your new pet get along well

Try to involve your kids while you teach house rules to the new pet

Along with getting a new pet, comes the responsibility of training them to be in your house. This is also a perfect opportunity to get your kids used to the new pet as well. While you are training your new pet, try to involve your child in the process which will make them much more interested in the pet as well. This way, you can also teach them the dos and don’ts of having an animal around.

Respect your pet’s privacy and personal space too

Though most pets enjoy being around humans, there are times when they need personal space too. You need to leave them alone once in a while so they don’t get overwhelmed. Pets will learn to enjoy being around kids at their own pace if you allow them to be on their own when they need it.


These are some of the most basic things that can help you to introduce a new pet to the little members of your family. We hope that these help you to make sure your kids get along with the new pet as well.

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