Ultrabib the must have weaning accessory

July 26, 2012
Any parent will tell you weaning can be a messy business. Whether you decide to opt for baby led weaning or the baby food/pouches your little one will generally end up with more food down them than in them.
With this in mind you will try almost anything to attempt to keep them as clean as possible. The Ultrabib from Bibetta provides a waterproof, easy clean, soft feel and durable solution to weaning mess. Available in three sizes/versions:
Small – Ideal starter bib suitable for 4mths to 2.5yrs
Large – An all rounder for 6mths to 4yrs
Sleeved – Ideal for those messy foods, saving clothes sleeves turning orange for 9mths to 3.5yrs
The Ultrabib is not just for weaning, the small and large bibs are ideal for those babies who are heavy dribblers. Great for when those nasty teeth are making their presence felt. The Ultrabib with sleeves can also be used for craft activities, ensuring that your little ones clothes are kept at their best.
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Ultrabib with Sleeves
As much as mess with children is unavoidable, I am always trying to find products that contain the mess. When I was asked if I Tigger would like to try out the Ultrabib with sleeves I jumped at the chance.
I have tried various bibs along the years with both Roo and Tigger. I have always struggled when it came to finding bibs with sleeves. They are either too plastic and scratch little ones arms, thus being too uncomfortable for them to wear for any period of time. Or they are a nightmare to clean, they stain when food is spilt and you can never get food/paint out of the creases.
Upon receiving the Ultrabib I was amazed at just how soft and flexible both the main bib and sleeves were. The main bib section is made from neoprene (wetsuit material). There is a reversible lip/pocket along the bottom of the bib which can easily be moved it to your desired position.
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Putting on the Ultrabib is simple and easy, with a large hook and loop fastening on the rear of the bib it allows you to adjust the size as required. Thankfully no trying to squeeze your child’s head through tiny hole, simply slip over each arm and fasten at the back.
Tigger has used the bib for both eating and crafts and after a quick handwash it still looks brand new, you would never know that he had even worn it. I would recommend this to all parents, whether you are just thinking of weaning or your little one is just a messy pup.
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Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I received an Ultrabib with sleeves for the purpose of this review, my thoughts and opinions are as ever my own.



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