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Gutted About No Holiday Abroad? How To Embrace The UK Staycation This Year

July 24, 2021

this year, many people have decided that a holiday abroad is not worth the risk of quarantine and extra costs, and are embracing the UK staycation. 

There used to be a time where you could book a plane ticket, leave tomorrow, head for the sun, or somewhere new, to explore and enjoy a holiday without having to think too much about it. Remember those carefree times? While it seems like the freedom of travel is a distant memory, things are getting better.

But, if you are usually a sun, sand, and sangria sort of person, then you may be feeling frustrated and deflated over the prospect of a British holiday. Who can blame you? If you don’t usually head away somewhere in the UK in the summer, then you may not be sure what to expect.

However, a staycation, whether staying at home or even embracing the beautiful locations that the UK has to offer, can be amazing. You may even find that you book it more often in the future once you have enjoyed your first one. So how can you embrace the UK staycation if you are used to jetting off somewhere new? Here are some of the ways to help you enjoy it. 

If you are staying local 

Some people are not wanting to venture too far from home at the moment. It can feel like we are in uncertain times so the comfort of staying at home may be more appealing than heading off somewhere else. However, if you are staying at home for the summer, then here are some of the things you can do to embrace it. 

UK staycation - ice cream

Eat outside in the garden 

When you are on holiday you are more likely to eat outside, so why not do that at home? If you don’t have a table and chairs, or a BBQ, now might be the time to invest in them. It could also be a great excuse to spruce up your garden so you want to spend more time outside. 

Act like a tourist in your local area 

This may sound a little crazy but it could be a lot of fun. Often we don’t take advantage of what is on our doorstep, so why not act like a tourist in your local area? Think about what people might do if they visited and check out the local attractions. You may find hidden places you never even knew existed. 

Treat yourself to summer foods and drinks 

Another thing to consider would be to buy some of the foods and drinks you might have if you were away. We often indulge on holiday so make sure you do the same at home. 

If you are heading away for a British Holiday 

Heading away on a British holiday might be a little different for you, but it can be just as, if not more enjoyable if you embrace it in the right way. There are factors to consider when you are staying in the UK. The weather can be a little more unpredictable than what you might expect if you were heading to Spain or Greece, but there are some stunning places to experience. Whether you are heading to the beaches of Cornwall or camping in The Lake District here are some of the best ways to embrace the UK Staycation. 

UK staycation - motorhome

The advantage of no luggage allowance 

One of the big advantages of heading on holiday in the UK is that you have no luggage allowance. This means that it doesn’t matter what your case weighs, or how many pairs of shoes you pack. You can overfill that case or car boot to your heart’s content ready for a staycation road trip. This is great because the weather can be unpredictable but it also means you can feel prepared for any eventuality. 

You can still do all of the things that you would abroad 

A British holiday doesn’t have to be any different than your trip abroad. You can do most of the things that you would abroad including eating outside, embracing cooking outside or BBQ food, and even sunbathing and enjoying the beach. You have the advantage of having your car with you, if you take it, so you can even travel about and see or do more things. 

Your dog could go with you 

Many people struggle to leave their pets behind, but many locations in the UK are dog-friendly so you could even bring your beloved pooch with you. 

No messing around with currency or conversions

Find working out euros or dollars to pounds hard? Then the beauty of a UK staycation means you don’t have to. Same country, same currency. You don’t even need to draw anything out or have a lot of cash on you as you can just use your debit, credit, or contactless card as normal. 

There is no language barrier 

It is also worth mentioning that there will likely be no language barrier as you are in the UK. While many popular abroad destinations speak English you can still often find that communication can be a little hard. 

UK Staycation - beach huts


A UK staycation means you have flexibility. You might be able to extend your stay or head off somewhere new by booking somewhere on your phone, or even cut short your trip if needed. A holiday abroad is strict with your duration and times, and while it could be extended, may cost you quite a bit to do. 

Very family-friendly 

Finally, it is always going to be a family-friendly option when staying in the UK. Camping or hiring a holiday home means that you can choose a self-catering option. You can control what you eat, when, and where, which can be perfect for fussy eaters amongst the family. It also means that you can have more things to do. There may be more play areas and parks, or even soft play centres for if there is a rainy day. You will find that you will have more options for your UK holiday than you would abroad. 

Hopefully, this has made you feel happier and more excited about your UK staycation this year.

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