Tyre Safety | The importance of Tyre health, Pressure and treads

June 17, 2019

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A car’s safety on the road is only as good as the tyres that it rides on. Routine maintenance is extremely important. Without it, you could be left stranded on the side of the road or worse still, it can cause an accident.

It will be nice when tyres can tell us when something is wrong. When it can say if the threads are starting to show or if the alignment is off. For now, the closest thing we have to smart tyres is the monitoring the car does when it tells you that the tyre pressure is low. However, there are many times that the monitoring system doesn’t mention the tyres are low until they are very low. That means, it is up to you take care of and watch the health of the tyres.

Buy the Right Tyres

When it comes to buying tyres, you might cringe when it comes to the price. Everyone does. It can feel worse when you are buying tyres, you should always buy tyres in pairs, two front or two back, whenever you needing to replace. If you are not buying the same brand or if the other set, front or back is showing wear, you might need to buy all four. However, tyres are extremely important so it is imperative that you make sure the tyres are the correct size.

Sometimes, you might buy a cheaper brand of tyre and that is fine, although may not last as long as a more premium brand. Buy tyres in Loughton at amazing prices from Elite Direct who will be able to assist you with the correct tyres for your car. The problem is when you buy used or the wrong size tyres for the car. When the tyre is the wrong size, it can affect a lot of moving parts on the car. It can affect everything from the axle to the brakes to the steering to the speedometer. Even if the wrong tyres save you money, in the end, it can cost you a lot more.

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Tyre Pressure

Part of the routine maintenance that you should be doing on your tyres is checking the tyre pressure. Gas mileage declines by .02 per cent for every pound of tyre pressure that is low. There are other issues from having low tyre pressure as well. When the tyres do not have enough pressure, it can grip the road properly. Once a week, when you get gas, you should be checking your pressure. If the PSI is lower than the manufacturer recommendation, add air to it.

Check the Tread

It is very important to watch the tread on tyres. This is what is used to grip the road. Watching the tread will ensure that the tyres have enough gripping power. Another thing to watch is how the wear is happening on the type. If it is uneven or to one side, it means the alignment is messed up. Watch for wires showing in the tread. This is very dangerous. Always replace the tyres immediately when the tread is low or if there are wires, bare spots or bulges in the tyres.

Whilst it is important that you check the health, pressure and tread on your tyres regularly. You should also do this before you head off on any long journeys. You’re tyres will be under increased pressure from the additional mileage as well as the possible additional load you are carrying.

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