A wooden bench sitting on top of a cutting board, with Plumbing and Ceiling

What Types of Jobs Can a Professional Handyman Help With?

April 12, 2016

DIY is great — as long as you have the skills to make it work. Unfortunately, not everyone does, and those with the skills don’t necessarily have the time to spare, especially if they have children to keep occupied as well as juggling work and leisure.

It can be far better to get your repairs and improvements done by experts by hiring a professional handyman.

Why a Handyman?

As the Independent reports, hiring a handyman is seen as normal now, and significantly a lot of people are hiring handymen to put right their DIY disasters. This can end up costing more than getting a professional in from the start.

You could, of course, search for a good electrician, plumber, carpenter, builder, decorator and all the rest, but you have a much better chance of finding one good handyman, who can cover all those skills to the same professional standard. But, as the Telegraph points out, finding a good one is the problem.

A person riding a motorcycle on a city streetAs recommended by an article by Huffington Post, we at Handy Squad have a handyman in north London who will be delighted to help you.

What Do We Do?

Our handymen cover a wide range of skills, and can do most of the jobs you might need, from electrical and plumbing work to putting up shelves. These are just a few of the jobs we might tackle:

Decorating – This includes a wide range of jobs that need to done to professional standards. For instance, if you need to prepare a child’s bedroom, we’ll strip the existing wallpaper or paint, fill any cracks so smoothly you won’t know they were there, paint or paper the walls and paint the woodwork — all in the colours and patterns you want for your little one.

Bathroom renovation – If your bathroom’s looking a little tired, we’ll repaint the walls and ceiling with mould-resistant paint and either re-tile the whole room or regrout and spruce up your existing tiles. We’ll also undertake any plumbing needed whether you need the cistern replaced or a new shower.

Shelving – Whether you want a single shelf to hold toys and books in one of the children’s bedrooms, or elaborate shelving for a whole wall, we’ll do it quickly and efficiently with an expert finish.

Changing light bulbs – You might think anyone can change a light bulb, but that depends on the type of lighting you have. Some bulbs need to be changed by an expert — and if there’s something wrong with the fitting, we can fix that too.

A wooden bench sitting on top of a cutting board, with Plumbing and Ceiling

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