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Silver Cross Simplicity Car Seat and Simplifix ISOFIX Base {Review}

April 12, 2016

One of the things that Mr. Boo wanted me to achieve before we had children was to learn to drive. Whilst I had previously been happy to take the bus to and from work etc. and let him drive everywhere. He wanted me to able to jump in the car with the children and pop to the shops, days out, nursery run etc. I have to confess that he was right and having access to the car has been a so handy with the children.

When we discovered that we were expecting Piglet last year, we looked at a number of pushchair systems and one of the requirements we had was for it needed to be able to attach a car seat to it. As I complete the school run in the car I need to be able to click out of the car and onto the pushchair base without disturbing her. After looking at the Silver Cross Wayfarer pushchair, I was pleased to find that the Silver Cross Simplicity car seat was compatible with it (and that the connectors came as standard with the pushchair).

Silver Cross Simplicity Car Seat

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The Simplicity baby car seat is compatible with all of the Silver Cross combination prams, and the Reflex pushchair. Combine it with the Simplifix base, and it creates the perfect in-car child safety system.

Silver Cross Simplicity Car Seat {Features}

  • Compatible with all Silver Cross big prams (Wayfarer, Pioneer etc.) as well as the Reflux pushchair
  • Easy to fit via seat belt or ISOFIX base
  • Adjustable head supports and harness
  • Newborn comfort wedge
  • Removable fabrics
  • Multi-positional carry handle

How to fit the Silver Cross Simplicity Car Seat

The Simplicity Car Seat can be fitted into the car in two ways. The easiest way to add the Simplicity Car Seat to your car is to purchase the Simplifix ISOFIX Base which enables you to add the Simplicity in and out of the car by clicking it into the base. You are also able to fit the Simplicity car seat via the seat belt by placing the lap part over the middle of the car seat, locating it under the side guides, then placing the top part of the seatbelt around the back of the car seat feeding it into the guide at the back before ensuring that the belt is pulled tightly.

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Silver Cross Simplicity Car Seat {Optional Extras}

  • Simplifix ISOFIX Base
  • Simplicity Raincover

Silver Cross Simplifix ISOFIX Base

The Simplifix ISOFIX base allows you to simply click the Simplicity car seat on to it and away you go. Taking away the need to arrange the seat belt correctly around the car seat and adding time (and possible stress) onto your journey.

The base is easily attached to your car via the ISOFIX points found within most car makes and models. Once clicked into place two indicator tabs on the side of the base will turn green to indicate you have installed correctly. You will then need to adjust the leg support at the front of the base unit, which will again change to green once at the optimal height.

Attaching the Simplicity car seat to the Simplifix ISOFIX base is a simple click into place, and two further indicator tabs will turn green letting you know you have locked the car seat in place. To remove the car seat you will need to depress the lever found at the top of the car seat just below the hood upwards and lift the seat unit.

Ensure that you have pulled the car seat carry handle to the forward position when you are travelling as this acts as a barrier between the seat of the car and the car seat should you have an accident.

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Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

The Silver Cross Simplicity car seat and Simplifix ISOFIX base are so easy to install and use. The newborn wedge offered additional support when Piglet was tiny, which was easy removed as she got bigger. The simple click on and click off functionality of the car seat and base makes get in and out of the car so much quicker, although attaching the car seat using the seat belt is really straightforward too and doesn’t take long to do.

The Silver Cross Simplicity car seat was named as Mumsnet Best 2016 infant car seat, which just goes to show how well-loved this particular car seat is.

Price and Availability

The Silver Cross Simplicity Car Seat is priced at £135.00 and is available from Silver Cross, John Lewis, and all other good baby supplies retailers.

The Silver Cross Simplifix ISOFIX Base is priced at £130.00 and is available from Silver Cross, John Lewis, and all other good baby supplies retailers.

UPDATE January 2017

Piglet is now 13 months old and still using the Silver Cross Simplicity Car Seat. Weighing just under 9kg she is still within the 13kg weight range for the car seat. Whilst her legs have reached the end of the car seat, she still has ample room around her head, shoulders, and body. Having used the car seat for over a year I can say that she is very happy to sit in it on journeys. As a parent, it is easy to use, wash the covers and attach to the Silver Cross Wayfarer frame as well take in and out of the car.

Disclosure: We received the Simplicity Car Seat and Simplifix ISOFIX Base
FOC for the purpose of review

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