Parent Governor

Before Christmas Roo’s school secretary asked me whether I’d considered becoming a parent governor. I explained that I hadn’t and thought that you needed to be elected in to the position. She advised me that they hold elections when there is more candidates than positions available. She handed me an application form and off I went.

Unfortunately this form went into my ‘to do’ pile and well, that’s where it stayed. Every now and again she would remind me and I would say ‘oh yes I’ll get that to you by the end of the week‘. Of course the end of the week came and went, but about a month or so ago I finally handed in the form.

So now I am parent governor for Roo’s junior school… eek!  

Tonight is my first meeting and worse still its a full governors meeting so everyone will be there… double eek!

I’m already part of the PTA or Friends as they are called at the school so I have some idea of the schools fundraising strategies. However I have no idea what is expected of me as a parent governor, my plan of action is to simply smile and nod.

Are you a parent governor?
Any advice is welcomed!

Boo xxx

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