A little boy that is standing in the kitchen

Top tips for getting children cooking in the kitchen

May 3, 2017

Some of my fondest memories from childhood are from being in the kitchen with my mam or granny. I’d spend hours helping them make fruit pies, drop scones or rice krispy bars. Whenever I’d visit my granny’s house her pantry was always full of delicious treats that she’d baked but there was always room to make some more.

When Roo was younger we’d bake quite a lot together. Over the years we have fallen out of the habit of rustling up some goodies in the kitchen. Now that we finally have a kitchen that you can swing a cat in, it’s about time we got back in the kitchen and spend some time together. Red Candy has made getting back into the kitchen easier with some colourful kitchen ware for us to use. 

A person standing in a kitchen

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 With lots of mini eggs and chocolate lying around the house from Easter, we decided that we’d whip up some treats using those. I have to confess that we were a little rusty in the kitchen and our attempt at rock buns turned into cake type biscuits (not quite sure what went wrong). Whilst our baking efforts weren’t quite up to The Great British Bake Off standard we did have fun together which is the most important part.

Top tips for getting children cooking in the kitchen

Whilst I have fond memories of being in the kitchen with my mam and my granny as a child, there are many children who are reluctant to get in the kitchen and cook. I’ve been asking for top tips for getting children cooking in the kitchen to hopefully encourage any reluctant chefs that the kitchen can be fun.

A little boy that is standing in the kitchen

Get them cooking from a young age.All mine were making biscuits, pizza, pastry with help from aged two.I taught them how to cut with a chef’s knife from aged 10.Get them to choose recipes to make, even help to menu plan.Write a shopping list, younger kids can have pictures as well as words.Shop for the ingredients together before supervising and helping in the kitchen. www.bugbirdbee.co.uk

Give the kids three recipes to choose from, this way they get to choose but you can make sure that the recipe choices are simple and quick to make. Keep it simple otherwise, they might lose interest, especially young children themummysphere.co.uk

My main tip is to try not to take over everything and to let them do as much as possible. They might not do it the way you would and they might make twice as much mess but they’ll enjoy it so much more if you let them do as much of it as possible themselves. www.frugalfamily.co.uk

With very young children be prepared, measure out the ingredients making sure you have everything there ready before you start to cook with them. As they get older use recipes that have grams, oz, and cups in it helps with measuring and learning that all can be used rainydaymum.co.uk

We recently headed to the library and P chose a kids’ cookbook and now wants to keep trying things from it as it’s “her book“. I think ownership is key. And get excited about anything they do actually make you (eg cold crumpets – They were gross).. to encourage them to do it again www.redtedart.com

How do you encourage your children to get cooking in the kitchen?

Kitchen and Pie

Disclosure: We received a selection of kitchenware FOC for the purpose of review

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