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Top tips for an organised New Year

January 1, 2018

Having worked for many years in administration I like to think of myself as an organised person. That was until 2017 happened and I dropped the organisational ball somewhat. Especially since the children returned to school following the summer holidays. You’d think that the ability to return to a routine would have helped me pick up the slack. Instead, I ended up in a downward spiral until we hit Christmas. Determined to start afresh with the New Year I have gathered a few top tips for an organised New Year to share with you.

Top tips for an organised New Year

A stack of flyers on a table

Blog Planner

Within the kitchen (the heart of the home) we have a large family calendar which details what everyone is up to on any given day and where they need to be. This works perfectly and with a pocket at the bottom to keep track of appointment cards, invitations and coupons it keeps everyone organised. 

With multiple blogs to keep track of, content planning and tracking of site stats and social media reach is something that I need to keep on top of. A customised planner that allows me to document up to five items each day means that I can add personal items such as meetings in London as well as blog content that is scheduled for that given date. It also enables me to highlight my availability when I am asked.

Adding contents labels to outside of storage tubs in the attic or garage detailing what is inside (rather than a generic toy, decorations, seeds etc. label) will make finding items easier as well as storing them back away for the next use too.

Label everything

Armed with a labelling machine, post-it notes or signs you have made on the computer, go around the home and label everything. Starting with the items that are used every day so that everyone is aware of where it stored, how it is used, or when it needs to be replenished. 

Toy boxes in the playroom with toys bundled together into boxes, such as trains, cars, LEGO, dolls etc. Making clear up much easier at the end of the day and something the children can also get involved in. Placing labels on chest of drawers within the children’s bedrooms will also help when you need them to grab something for you (t-shirts, pants etc.)



Colour coded

Keeping with the easy storage solutions, keeping things stored in the same colour files, folders and tubs will mean you are looking in the right section immediately. Whether this is a different coloured folder or clipboard for each member of the house on a noticeboard to keep track of paperwork, appointments, certificates and latest artworks.


Put together a chore list for the whole family to work from. There is no rhyme or reason why one or two people should be completing everything that needs to happen for a house to run smoothly. Everyone who lives there should be able to help in some way (depending on their age and abilities). From setting the table ready for meals and clearing plates away at the end ready to be loaded into the dishwasher. Collecting laundry and filling the basket ready to be taken downstairs to be completed. As well vacuuming, emptying waste paper baskets around the home into the large kitchen bin and sorting recycling.

One job at a time

We are all guilty of starting something and getting sidetracked onto another task. This leads to lots of unfinished tasks or ones that have only had part of your attention and therefore not the best that they could have been completed. The irony to this is that if we took the time to complete each task one a job at a time it would probably take less time to complete and therefore enabling you to check more of your to-do list each day.

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