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Top Reasons Your Weight Loss Journey Isn’t Going as Expected

April 23, 2020

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You’ve been trying to lose weight for the past few months, but you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped for. For the life of you, you can’t figure out what you could possibly be doing wrong. You have made changes to your diet to incorporate more lean meats, fruit, and veggies, you even rearranged some things in your busy schedule to get in an hour of exercise each day. Yet, when you hop on the scale, the needle barely budges from your last weigh-in. 

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Factors that could be Hampering your weight loss journey

Before you give up altogether on your weight loss goals, take a moment to review this list of factors below that could be keeping you from losing the weight and keeping it off, with guidance from a weight loss nutrition coach.

A woman lying on a bed - Top Reasons Your Weight Loss Journey Isn’t Going as Expected

You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep 

Are you getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night? If not, this could be the reason that you’re finding it hard to shed those excess pounds. There are a few reasons for this. For starters, when you’re tired, chances are your physical activity will decrease. Secondly, lack of sleep causes the body to produce more of the stress hormone which can regulate your appetite prompting you to want to snack on things you shouldn’t. 

To rectify this problem, it is highly recommended that you set a bedtime and create a routine to help you wind down each night. Also, make sure that you have a comfortable sleep environment for a full night’s rest. 

You’re Stressed Out

Stress is a normal part of life. However, too much stress can actually wreak havoc on your body. When the body produces cortisol (stress hormone), it regulates your appetite. When you’re stressed, you get cravings for comfort foods that aren’t good for your waistline. 

Though it may seem impossible, you have to find the sources of your stress and try to eliminate or reduce them. You can also learn techniques for coping when you’re under a great deal of stress including exercising, getting a massage, meditating, taking a bath, reading a book, or doing something that makes you smile. 

You’ve Got an Underlying Medical Problem

If you’ve been getting adequate sleep, your stress is under control, and you’ve been following healthy eating and exercise routines, then, perhaps you’re not losing weight because something is going on internally. There are several medical conditions like thyroid problems or medications used to treat preexisting conditions like diabetes medication that can impact your ability to lose weight.

If you believe something deeper could be going on, it’s important to get to the bottom of it quickly. You could take a thyroid blood test, review the side effects on your medication, or consult with your doctor about other issues that could be making it hard for you to slim down.

A woman looking at the camera - Top Reasons Your Weight Loss Journey Isn’t Going as Expected

You’ve Reached a Plateau

Did you know that your body has a weight loss plateau? This is a point in which your body has become accustomed to your workout routine. Meaning, that when you perform the same workouts each day, your body does not burn as many calories as it once did. 

To break your body’s plateau, it will be necessary for you to switch things up during your exercise routines. If you have been running for a mile each day, perhaps try increasing it to two miles. If you’re lifting 25 lbs. dumbells, upgrade to 35 or 50 lb. weights. You can also increase your intensity. Instead of doing 10 squats, 10 situps, and 10 pushups each morning, increase it to 20 each. 

You’ve Gained Muscle

What many people don’t realize is that muscle weighs more than fat. So, if you’ve been doing exercises that include weight lifting or strength training, chances are you’re going to increase your muscle mass. When you step on the scale, this would cause you to believe you haven’t lost any weight, when in fact, you’ve lost fat and gained muscle

If you’d like to start slimming down, you’ll need to pull back on the weight lifting and strength training exercises and focus more on cardio to shed fat. 

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that can positively or negatively impact a person’s weight loss journey. If you believe you’ve been doing all you can to shed the excess weight with no such luck, perhaps one of the above-mentioned factors is the culprit. Use the advice provided to make the necessary changes to get your weight loss goals back on track.

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