A kitchen with a sink and a microwave

Top hacks for decorating your home quickly

May 30, 2017

Home improvement projects can be a lot of fun; after all, they are great opportunities for you to make your home, through and through, look and feel like it is genuinely yours. However, they can also be time-consuming; you probably aren’t salivating over the prospect of cordoning off large parts of your home while DIY work is ongoing. Thankfully, here are some great ways in which you can decorate your humble abode subtly, effectively, and – especially crucially – quickly.

A kitchen with a sink and a microwave

Turn kitchen cabinet doors into chalkboards

HouseBeautiful advises “a very cheap but stylish way of updating your kitchen cabinets”. Basically, what you do is spray the interior sides of these doors with chalkboard paint. Once the paint has dried, you will have an array of mini-chalkboards, so to say, that you can readily access in your kitchen. Of course, remember to keep chalk at hand; then, it will be possible to use these chalkboards too, for example, note what is in these cabinets or let your children draw pictures.

Conceal that unsightly Wi-Fi router

The ready availability of Internet access made possible by Wi-Fi connectivity can be a great boon to many typically busy and hectic modern households. However, that Wi-Fi router which your Internet provider has given you could be a visual blight on an otherwise beautiful home – however much the provider might have designed that router to make it look cool and futuristic. That effort might not be easy to appreciate if you live in a period home with lots of elegant features.

Thankfully, you can cleverly hide that router, without doing away with its obviously helpful functionality, by putting it inside something prettier. That could be a hollowed-out book or, if you aren’t keen on desecrating a good-looking book for this purpose, try a photo album or a binder.

A close up of a piece of luggage sitting on top of a table

Let in the light. Yes, even more of it

Why continue spending money on brightening your home with man-made light when you can leave the sun to shine into your home instead? Furthermore, having your home modified to allow for this can be easier than you think. It’s really just a matter of replacing more of those uninspiring brick walls with glass. Look at the website of Bifold Shop. This company offers bifold doors, patio doors, lantern roofs, and windows that can help you to put together a panoramic framework of glass.

Online, you can get a quote for any of those items in a mere 45 seconds, while Bifold Shop will also install your chosen doors, roofs or windows on your behalf. The company has, as an installer, been accredited by DGCOS. Hence, it has met the Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme’s thorough 12-point vetting procedure – including insurance-backed guarantees of at least 10 years.

Want some more inspiration?

Your speedy efforts in home improvement can go even further; BuzzFeed lists “31 home décor hacks that are borderline genius”. The likably quirky ideas suggested here include drawing on light bulbs to allow neat shadows and using a decanter to store mouthwash!


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