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DSLR Care Tips

April 6, 2015

As I approached my 30th birthday I knew exactly what I wanted, I wanted a DSLR camera – the Nikon DS3200 to precise. I’d already saved half of the money I needed to buy it so asked my friends and family for money instead of gifts so that I would finally be able to purchase my DSLR.

After finally purchasing it I will admit to being worried about taking it out of the house as I didn’t want to break such an expensive piece of equipment, however as the months went by I became more confident with it and now it comes with me almost all the time on family days out, to events and for special occasions. Taking care of my DSLR is now second nature to me but let me share with you my top five DSLR Care Tips with you…

DSLR Care Tips

A close up of a camera

How to keep your DSLR camera clean

One of the first things that a fellow blogger told me about caring for my DSLR not long after I bought mine was to never, ever use your shirt, your top or any piece of clothing to wipe the lens. Your clothing may feel clean and soft against your skin however against your lens you might be smearing grease, sweat and dirt across it. The same goes for using tissues or paper towels, only ever use a microfibre cloth (that is only used for cleaning your lens) or a lens cleaner pen.

Use your lens cap

Whilst it may seem a little bit of a pain adding your lens cap back onto the lens when you have finished taking some photos it is good practice. Not only will it keep any dust and dirt in the air away from the front of the lens but it will also protect it against any knocks when you are carrying your DSLR either around your neck or within its bag.

The same also goes for when you are switching lens, ensure that you add the rear cap to the back of your lens before you store it is your bag or even on the shelf with your other lens – lens are expensive and the last thing you want to do is get a scratch on the lens glass or dirt inside it.

Use your camera strap

We are all guilty of dropping things every now and again, whilst a side plate or coffee cup can be replaced relatively easily an expensive DSLR however is much more costly to replace. When you buy a new DSLR it will come with a strap and it’s not just there to advertise the brand of camera you own, it serves a purpose – it not only helps you carry your DSLR until you need it but it also serves as a fail safe in case you get a dose of butter fingers.

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Keep your memory

Just like you would when using a memory card within your computer you need to make sure that you are ejecting it safely – never insert or eject a memory card whilst your DSLR is switched on. Adding or removing your memory card whilst your camera is switched on not only runs the risk of you losing all your images sorted on said memory card but you could also play havoc with your DSLR software.

A good excuse for a new bag

A girl generally doesn’t need an excuse to buy a new bag but owning a DSLR really does give you that opportunity. Making sure that your precious DSLR is stored within a padded camera bag will not only give you piece of mine when you are travelling but it will also be able to house your other DSLR accessories like spare lens, lens cleaner pen and additional battery or memory card.

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