Top Engagement Ring Styles That Are Sure to Dazzle

August 17, 2019

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You found someone special that makes your heart beat faster and now you’re ready to pop the question and present the ring. However, with so many styles to choose from, finding the perfect one that makes her gush with joy can seem like an impossible undertaking. To help you with your search for the perfect ring, listed below are some of the most popular styles for 2019. 

Bold Look 

If you want to break away from the traditional appearance of an engagement ring and embrace her bold personality, why not select a ring that makes a statement. A bold ring can have large centre diamonds, black diamonds or gemstones. The band often has a line of small diamonds and can be thin and split with a unique shape. 


Vintage style engagement rings have intricate details with a classic look inspired by the Victorian age. They are graceful, glamorous, romantic and timeless. Embracing the roaring 1920s and 1930s, they can feature art deco style elements, for added visual interest. 

Gold: Yellow, White, Rose 

The bands on an engagement ring can vary from simple and minimalistic to bold and complex. The yellow and white gold coloured bands are common metal choices that create a classic and timeless appearance. Rose gold engagement rings are quickly growing in popularity. When combined with colourless diamond settings, they add contrast, warmth and natural beauty. Plus, they match virtually every skin colour. 

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If you’re soon to be bride is the model of a sophisticated woman, the botanical engagement ring makes an excellent choice. It combines a collaboration of floral details with timeless designs, giving it a distinct and natural look that’s both romantic and breathtaking. 

Alternatives to Diamonds 

If you’ve looked high and low and can’t seem to find a diamond in your price range, consider purchasing a diamond alternative. Several gems including grey sapphires and moissanite, bare a very close resemblance to a diamond. And, diamonds created in a lab such as engagement rings by Diamond Nexus, also have the look and feel of a diamond without the large price tag.

Minimalist Style 

Minimal engagement rings have a modern and sleek appearance. They feature sparkly stones with diamond-covered bands and other refined designs that bring to life a tasteful and exquisite ring. 


If you want to break from tradition, sapphires give your loved one a classy coloured stone that’s elegant and endearing. A favourite of the royals, sapphires are almost as resistant to damage as diamonds, and the beautiful blue colour symbolizes faithfulness.

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If pink is your fiancés favourite colour and you want to purchase an engagement ring with pink diamonds, but the price tag turned you away, opting to get morganite will prove to be an excellent choice. It contains the same mineral found in emeralds and is available in a palette of pink hues. 

Three Stone Rings 

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends, and if the love of your life loves diamonds, you’ll start your life together off right presenting an engagement ring with three diamonds. The ring signifies a life together, joining the past with the present and the future. 

Hexagonal Halo 

The hexagonal halo engagement ring works from the original palette of the classic design and adds intricate geometric shapes for an updated, modern look. 


While round cuts are the preferred option, the pear-shape diamond for engagement rings is once-again popular. The tapered cut makes your fingers appear long and slender. 

Getting married is a wonderful time in a person’s life. Selecting the perfect ring for the love of your life is easier if you take into consideration her unique taste, style and personality. Then you can move on to planning for your wedding which includes things like the venue, your wedding attire and the honeymoon.

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