Tips for Leading a More Active Lifestyle

August 7, 2019

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Leading a more active lifestyle can be much easier than you think. However, it’s important to start with easy activities and work up to more intense exercise. If you push yourself too hard at first, it’s not as likely that you’ll be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine.

Get Enough Sleep

The first tip is by far the easiest; get at least seven hours of solid sleep every night. Feeling refreshed in the morning will give you more energy to lead the active lifestyle you desire. However, seven hours of sleep is easier said than done. Luckily there are readily available health supplements to help you sleep, one being melatonin. Melatonin is known as the “sleep hormone”. While many people take melatonin for insomnia, it can do a lot more than put you to sleep; melatonin weight loss benefits have also been documented. Melatonin is also important to control insulin sensitivity, metabolism, gut health, and weight.

Go for a Walk

Walking has to be the easiest and most natural way to get active. Instead of driving to the store, walk there. Take your dog for more than one walk a day, it will thank you. On the weekend, get out into nature, for one or more nice long walks. Walk everywhere you can.

Play with Your Pets

Having a dog means walks; however, take even more walks! Playtime with your pooch can also include throwing a ball or frisbee or playing tug-o-war. Your dog will love you for it. If you have a cat, tie a ribbon around your wrist; let it hang to the floor and as you’re doing anything that generates a lot of movement, your cat will love chasing it around.

A dog wearing a costume

Take the Stairs

Take the stairs whenever you can. Take it slow – just one or two flights at a time – and keep increasing it as you gain strength. Just 10 minutes of stair climbing can burn anywhere between 125 and 240 calories!

Get Your House Clean

Giving your home a good deep cleaning can burn 200 calories an hour. So give all the floors a good sweeping and mopping, and move the furniture and clean back there. Give all the throw rugs a vigorous shaking, and the tub and sinks a good scrubbing. You’ll not only burn calories, but you’ll make your environment a brighter place.

Park the Car at the Back of the Lot

When you can’t walk to the store, park as far back in the parking lot as you can. You’ll burn a few extra calories.

Grab a Basket

If you only have a few things to pick up at the store, use a basket instead of a shopping cart. It will give your arms an automatic work out.

Exercise While Watching TV

You can watch your favourite TV shows from an exercise bike or an elliptical machine. Do sit-ups or yoga stretches during commercials. Get creative with moving as you watch TV, no one says you need to be a couch potato.

Walk for a Cause

Walk, run or bike for charity. It will not only help make the world a better place, but it will also uplift your spirit. Furthermore, it will put you in touch with fellow travellers, others who care about the same issues you do. It’s a good way to make friends; friends who like to be active. Be sure to dedicate each charity walk you do to someone, to keep you motivated.

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