Tigger’s First Day at Nursery

The day had finally arrived when I had to leave my baby boy for a whole day with relative strangers. Anxious doesn’t really cover how I felt but I knew it had to be done. Unfortunately we are not lucky enough to have any family who could look after him whilst I work so childcare it is.

After remembering all the ruined tops etc that Roo came home with after being at nursery (painting, gluing etc) I decided to buy Tigger a kind of uniform. Just simple navy tracksuit bottoms along with red and navy tops. This way I won’t mind if they get dirty or ruined as he will only be wearing them at the nursery.

Take a look, what do you think? It looks OK…


He didn’t seem phased when I dropped him off, just sat on the floor and started playing. I rang mid-morning to check he was OK and he was fast asleep in the cot after a busy morning playing.

When I went to collect him, he didn’t notice me coming into the room (too busy playing), it was only when I spoke that he heard my voice and looked up. He was so excited to see me, it was lovely to see that I’d been missed.

He has now been assigned a key worker and his own record book, which they complete with food, nappy changes, naps and activities throughout the day.

The staff said that he had settled really well, which was very reassuring to hear. I’m hoping that he continues to like the nursery, whilst I will just have to realise that I have to let my baby go (just for three days week, he’s mine for the rest of it!)



  1. helmarkxx
    September 22, 2011 / 12:37 pm

    arrr glad he settled well, I am dreading this with my twins 🙁

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