These boots are made for walking

September 13, 2013


‘These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do,


one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you’
Nancy Sinatra

With the weather taking to feel more and more like autumn every day I have started to think that my sandals and fit flops are not exactly practical for the school run. Especially considering the soaking we received earlier this week my poor feet were both wet and cold.

So maybe it’s time to pack away my summer shoes in favour of something a little warmer and drier. Time to take a look for a nice pair of boots that will get me kicking the autumn leaves, keep my feet toastie on cold winter days and most importantly dry on the wet and windy school run.

One of the girls at work recently bought some gorgeous Ecco shoes from Bells Shoes and has been raving about how comfortable they are ever since.

Up next is a Rieker boot, I like the fleecy lining and the big grips on the soles. I’m thinking that they would be great for the wintry school run, hopefully keeping me upright on the ice and snow.So whilst I’m not looking for a pair of shoes I am wondering if they have any boots. I have to confess that I have been flicking back and forth between three pairs of boots on the Bells Shoes website and really can’t decide which ones would be best to buy. So you think you could help me with my decision??

First up, a pair of Ecco boots. After listening to my friend rave about how comfortable her shoes I am keen to see if their boots are just as comfy. I prefer a wedge heel as I’m not the tallest person in the world so rely on that extra height to give me a boost. The fleecy lining look warm and snuggly, however I’m not sure how much I like the different colour of the sole.


Lastly I have spotted a pair of Clarks boots. Whilst these ones don’t have the fleecy lining like the previous ones I do feel that these could worn as everyday boots. The classic look of them means they would look equally as great with a pair of trousers or jeans. The pull on style would really help me as I’m generally running late and leave putting my shoes on to the last second.

Which boots would you choose?
I wonder if Mr Boo would notice if three new pairs of boots suddenly appeared in the house??
Boo xxx


Disclosure Policy: This post was written in collaboration with Bells Shoes, although I really do need to buy some new winter boots.

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