One pillow or two?

I love my bed, I wished I could get to see more of it. Sometimes I feel as though I haven’t spent much time there. One of the only things that gets me through the day is the thought of returning to my bed.

Late last summer when it wasn’t necessarily cold Mr Boo and I laid in bed with the duvet on. Mr Boo complaining the the duvet was too warm and asked what tog it was, I explained it was a 13.5 tog. ‘Why do we have a 13.5 tog duvet on in the summer?’ he asked. I simply explained that is the only duvet we have so what else did he want me to put on the bed as a sheet wouldn’t be warm enough.

The next day after work Mr Boo had bought me a gift, an all seasons duvet. A two-in-one duvet that pop together as needed, no more moaning about the duvet from Mr Boo. Although as the weather has gotten colder and we have needed the two duvets on it is a pain to find inside the duvet cover but I suppose we are at least warm enough for each season.

This leads me onto my bug bear, pillows…

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Mr Boo virtually lays flat with just one pillow, I however need at least two and with state of our current pillows I need three. I remember being pregnant and surrounding myself with pillows, under my bump, between my knees, behind my back.. bliss. I read that you are advised to replace your pillows every 2-3 years, I can’t remember when we last changed ours (lord knows what it harboring inside them). John Lewis have a wide range of pillows to chose from and some great prices too, although I’d want to try them out instore rather than buy online (I need to get the full soft, snuggle feeling before buying).

Do you need one or two pillows?

Boo xxx
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