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The Vacuum Cleaner Virtuoso: How to Ditch Dust From Your Domestic

October 18, 2019

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Dust! It springs up from all corners of the home and settles in large sheets across your floors and tabletops. It wreaks havoc on our lungs and coats our homes in a creeping shade of neglect. Nobody likes dust, and it’s something we’ll always be fighting against. But there are ways to lessen the tide! Here are a few breezy ways of keeping your home dust-free!

Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner

Your first level of defence with dust is your broom and dustpan, which must always be closely followed by your vacuum cleaner. Whilst it doesn’t entirely matter what shape your broom is in, the type of cleaner you’re using can hold a great impact on your ability to fight back against dust build-up for one major reason in particular. Dust particles can have a great variety of different sources, from dirt, plant fibres and pollen, to dead skin cells, animal dander, and a variety of other fabric and material fibres. For this reason, it’s important that you address the larger potential sources of dust that are present in your household. For instance, if you have pets who shed regularly (i.e. cats and particularly double-coated dog breeds like huskies), it’s worthwhile investing in a pet vacuum that’s designed specifically to collect larger chunks of animal dander than regular vacuum cleaners. If your household boasts both pets and hardwood flooring or carpeting, it’s definitely recommended that you find yourself a quality steam cleaner or hybrid vacuum to combat dust build-up in your carpet fibres as well as eliminating any animal odours.

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Smart storage options

Contrary to popular belief, dusting with a feather duster is one of the worst methods to keep dust at bay. Instead of eliminating dust, this age-old method of housekeeping only really just disperses dust in the air, ultimately allowing it to resettle in other parts of your home. It’s recommended that you regularly wipe down furniture like bookcases and tabletops with antibacterial cleaning wipes or natural cleaning solutions. And if you’re looking to consistently keep your dust build-up to a minimum, you should definitely look into decreasing the total surface area of accessories like bookcases and TV units by utilising integrated storage options. Like we store our winter clothes away during the summer to save space and eliminate dust build-up in our closets, storing personal belongings, kitchenware, and toiletries away in covered storage will aid in keeping dust build-up to a minimum, simply due to the fact that dust build-ups will be easier to spot and immediately address. You’ll also find that by implementing some smart storage options around your home, your living spaces will immediately begin to feel far less cluttered too. It’s a win-win!

TLC for mats, sheets, and other surfaces

In order to keep dust particles that are derived from skin cells and other natural sources to a minimum, it’s best to get into the habit of changing your bedding – as well as airing out and vacuuming your mattress – every fortnight or even every week if you have pets. You should also aim to practice regularly shaking out your doormats, bathmats, and other small rugs, as well as regularly using carpet cleaners or steam cleaning tools to combat dust build-up in these softer surfaces. Alongside this, it’s worthwhile investing in multiple mats and shoe racks to be placed at all entrances to your home. As shoes can track in dirt particles which can also result in dust build-ups, it’s recommended that you encourage the use of soft slippers or socks in your living spaces rather than wearing your outdoor footwear. Not only will wearing these slippers be kinder to both your feet and flooring, but it will also keep dust well away from your living spaces.

If you are able to adopt these three practices for squeaky clean living, chances are you’ll find yourself enjoying a dust-free abode for longer and longer stretches of time.

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