The no pants or socks campaign for Father’s Day

June 10, 2015

Last week I saw a campaign on Facebook that was hoping to ban the buying of pants and socks for Dads on Father’s Day. It did make me chuckle as we do usually add a new set of pants or socks to Mr Boo’s Father’s Day presents albeit funny character ones rather than some plain boring ones.

So in honour of this campaign I have decided not to buy the traditional pants and socks instead treat him to a couple of new things for his summer wardrobe. Now Mr Boo is a hat man, he has several hats depending on the weather and of course what colour clothes he is wearing. During half term whilst we were away I noticed that his old faithful navy baseball cap had seen better days so this was the first thing on my list to find when I popped over to ScottsMenswear in search of some Father’s Day treats.

Not being a hat person myself I’m never really sure what to look for when buying a hat so I opted for a classic make like Fred Perry so that I knew that I was buying a quality brand then I narrowed it down to two hats.

The Fred Perry Oxford Cap is one I’ve opted for as it will go with most of his jeans no matter what colour top he opts to wear – plus it means he might throw out that worn out navy baseball cap he is currently wearing.

One True Saxon Selby Polo Shirt - ExclusiveFor as long as I can remember Mr Boo has always loved his polo shirts especially in the summer rather than wearing shirts or t-shirts. He has recently moved away from the generic plain polo shirts with maybe a logo or such on them to ones that look a little smarter.

The One True Saxon Selby Polo Shirt offers the comfort of a polo shirt whilst still looking smart with its button down collar and complimenting tones. Hopefully pleasing Mr Boo’s new smarter image – plus it will look great with the new Fred Perry Oxford Cap!

One True Saxon Elmsdale Long Sleeve Polo Shirt - Exclusive

The British weather can be somewhat changeable and whilst it might be cool enough to wear a coat sometimes you do need long sleeves on. Rather than popping on a jumper or hoodie I spotted this One True Saxon Elmsdale Long Sleeve Polo Shirt and thought it would be a great addition to Mr Boo’s wardrobe. Especially when the weather starts to turn chilly or of we go out in the evening for dinner he won’t need to bring a coat but still be warm enough (it’s the mum in me that needs to make sure he is warm enough).

Do you think he’ll be happy with my selection or will he miss his traditional pants and socks?

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  • Tracey June 10, 2015 at 6:37 pm

    Oh that’s a good post and thnx for reminding me it’s fathers Day!! I think your selections are good. Particularly like the navy gat but I think fees down jell still miss the novelty socks!

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