A Father’s Day Mainline Makeover

Dear Daddy,

We need to talk, as you know Father’s Day is approaching and whilst I know that you would love some LEGO I thought that I would treat you to something much better – a makeover!

Now not all the clothes in your wardrobe are bad but you need to co-ordinate them much better and some of them are best not worn at all (I’m looking at your scruffy track suit bottoms that you wear to cut the grass).

Anyway, as a treat for Father’s Day, I thought I’d put together an outfit for you, a Mainline makeover something that will start you on the path of looking good and you can add to it over the coming year.

A Father’s Day Mainline Makeover

Father's Day Mainline Makover



Now Mummy says that she really likes your bottom in a good pair of jeans (lol) so I think that these HUGO BOSS jeans will make you look good and keep Mummy happy at the same time.  Dark jeans are a good choice Daddy as you can wear them with lots of different colours.


I’ve found two tops that I like for you Daddy, the Superdry t-shirt for when you are busy around the house, chasing us around the garden playing football or heading off to the gym.  Whilst the Ted Baker polo shirt is a smarter top for you to wear on days out or when you treat us to dinner (hint, hint).


Finally, I’ve found you a nice new jacket as your old one is looking a bit boring and you’re ALWAYS complaining about the hole in the pocket.  This Superdry jacket looks quite smart and will look fab with your new jeans plus it’s got lots of pockets to keep your keys and wallet in so that you can’t lose anything (and Mummy doesn’t have to carry all your bits).

I hope you like your makeover!

Love Roo xox


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