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The month that was… April 2019

May 1, 2019

The that of April was welcomed with open arms. Knowing that within a few days of it starting the children would be off school for the Easter holidays. I always cringe when I think of the time when I’d moan and groan about finding childcare solutions for the holidays. Nowadays I love having the children at home (well… most of the time!), even it does mean that I end up working all evening to play catch up on work.

So what did the month of April bring us as a family…

family adventures

Although I loved the children being home during the Easter holidays, I needed them to go back to school for a rest. It’s completely my own fault as I do like to cram our time together with lots of family adventures. This month we decided to head to Blackpool for a few days, somewhere that I visited as a child, Instead of heading straight there we opted for a pit shop in Manchester. Then a stop off at Alton Towers on the way home – as you do.

Our Merlin Annual Passes have saved us so much money over the Easter holidays alone. With trips to at least seven of their attractions!

What the dad said

April saw the launch of Mr Boo’s own blog ‘What The Dad Said‘. Having watched and participated on the sidelines of Boo Roo and Tigger Too for over seven years. He finally decided to have his own space for chatting about dad life, family and everything that makes him happy.


April proved a busy month for Roo. Months of training and rehearsals have paid off. Between the Rock Challenge, showcase and a charity dance show. All of this alongside the Easter holidays and our family adventures. I’m not sure where she gets all her energy (and still gets up at the crack of dawn every day!).


A growth spurt has meant that Tigger is finally tall enough to go on some of the bigger rides at Alton Towers. His bravery astounds me as I’m not brave enough for the rollercoasters.

He’s also exploring a range of different after-school activities. Signing up for a different club after school each day of the school week. So the coming term will see him enjoy science, multi-sports, comic, Spanish as well as homework club.


Her character and personality are changing so much at the moment. Such a happy soul and knows her own mind. An empathetic line that will flip my temperament from annoyed to guilty with a simple ‘I’m sorry Mummy’.

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