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The diet starts tomorrow

March 6, 2015

We’ve all been there and used the line ‘the diet starts tomorrow’. The thing is tomorrow rarely comes and when it finally does it’s either a half-hearted attempt to lose some weight before giving up at the first hurdle or occasionally you give it your all for a week, a month or maybe even two months – up until you feel the difference and then you reward yourself with a little treat which leads to another little treat and so on.

A close up of a tree

I am both of those types of people. I’m forever saying that the diet starts tomorrow, however recently tomorrow has never come. I have put off changing my diet and my lifestyle which has led me to where I am now – the heaviest I have known myself to be.

I have been living in denial that the little treats here and there, the snacking and the not eating regular meals wouldn’t catch up on me. Well they have, they really have! I need to wake up and smell the coffee and realise that this extra weight will not disappear by itself.

Over the years I have tried many different diets, some more successful than other. Around 10 years ago I undertook the Atkins diet with the support of Mr Boo. It was my most successful diet to date so I’ve made the conscious decision to change the way I think about food and undertake the Atkins lifestyle. I’m not going into this lightly as I love my carbs however I and aware that am overdosing on them and feeling very bloated etc that goes with eating too many carbs.

Starting the Atkins lifestyle

Before starting the Atkins lifestyle I want to make sure I have all the necessary things to hand so that I can make an informed decision about what I am eating. The Atkins Starter Kit for me is the best way to get my head around which vegetables etc I can eat, what net carbs are along with some recipe suggestions.

Atkins Starter Kit includes
  • A selection of Advantage Day break & Endulge bars
  • Ready To Drink Shakes
  • Fibre Crackers
  • New Atkins Cookbook with 200 recipes
  • Carb Counter book
  • Step by Step Guide & Sample 7 day Meal Planner

The kit contains everything I need to get started from the Carb Counter book which will help me make informed decisions about food as well as a Atkins cookbook and a simple step by step guide & sample 7 day meal planner which has a couple of recipe suggestions on there too.

The selection of Advantage day break and endulge bars, shakes and fibre crackers have enabled me to have some easy snacks on hand and I’ve set up a subscription via Amazon for some Advantage day break bars to keep in my handbag as snacks throughout the day.

Wish me luck because the diet starts tomorrow!

Disclosure: I received an Atkins Starter Kit FOC for the purpose of review

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