The bond between a father and his children

May 31, 2016

I often sit and watch the bond between Mr. Boo and our children. How they jump up to greet him when he comes home from work. How they all must sit on the sofa next to him even though there is plenty of room left on the other one. How each one of them has their own unique bond with him.

February half term {2015} - Banham Zoo

As we approach Father’s Day I have been planning with the children what we should buy Mr. Boo. I always like to get him something from each of the children rather than just one gift as they can have their own input into the gift and makes it that bit more special for him.


Teenage Dirtbags 2She is his pop princess, he will sit and listen to her singing, watch her dance routines and endures her love of cheesy teen movies. She loves to help him with jobs around the house from the weekly shop to mowing the lawn.

For Father’s Day, she wants to get him the Teenage Dirtbag 2 CD that he was looking at on their last shopping trip whilst he was trying to persuade her that One Direction wasn’t the best band in the world.


LEGO Star Wars Kylo Rens Command Shuttle 75104To Tigger, his daddy is his best friend in the whole world. They will happily sit and build Lego together for hours, discuss which superhero is the best and snuggle on the sofa and be watching Netflix together.

It seems only fitting that he wants to buy daddy some Lego Star Wars that he can help him put together. He has had his eye on the command shuttle for a while and I’ve managed to pick it up using my Clubcard Boost vouchers.

BaByliss for Men 7895U I-Stubble PlusPiglet

The youngest of the brood, little Piglet, to her daddy is the one person to make hr laugh, he only has to look at her and she smiles. He is that protective, warm embrace when she is tired stroking his bread as she nods off.

For Father’s Day, a beard trimmer will be heading Mr. Boo’s way from Piglet to ensure that his beard is in top shape for her to play with.

What will you be buying your dad or partner for Father’s Day?
If you are struggling for ideas take a look at the Tesco Father’s Day range for inspiration.

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