5 Effective & Fun Ways To Teach Math in Pre-school

5 Effective & Fun Ways To Teach Math in Pre-school

February 4, 2022

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To help children learn the essentials it is best to teach math so that it is fun, this is easier than you think.

Math is a basic skill that will help you get through life. While it can be difficult to see how relative numbers or abstract algebra can help you in daily life, there is little doubt that being able to add and subtract is an essential skill. It’s why math is taught in reputable pre-school facilities, such as this centre for early learning Croydon.

How To Teach Math in Pre-school

5 Effective & Fun Ways To Teach Math in Pre-school

Counting sweets

Most children love sweets and will be happy to get them as a reward. You can use this to help them learn math. Simply pour a number of them on the table and set the challenge.

For example, you can tell each child to take a certain number. If they get it right then they can eat one or more and tell you how many they have left. Alongside this, they can swap sweets with different children and track their balance. It is a great way to introduce basic addition and subtraction.

Sorting Toys

You’ll need a collection of toys in different colours or you can use sweets again. Place all the toys in the middle and ask the child to sort them onto a piece of paper. The paper needs to have several circles drawn onto it with a different colour written in each circle. 

All the child has to do is put the toys or sweets in the right colour circle and then tell you how many of each they have.

You can do the same with large shapes on the floor and get the child to move something into the shapes. 

Create Graphs

This is a great way to show math and encourage good behaviour. Simply create a sheet and place an image on it every time they have done something they were asked. Get your child to tell you how many they have and you’re encouraging them to use addition skills.

They may need to use subtraction skills if you take any away.

5 Effective & Fun Ways To Teach Math in Pre-school


Any game that involves dice and moving a character means that your child will need to associate the number they have read with moving a piece on a board. This encourages them to count and, if you use two die at the same time they will need to add them up before moving. 

Water Droppers

You need a container of water and a large syringe with markings on it. Your child can then take water from the main container and add it to another while calculating how much they are adding. There are several ways this can be done, such as counting the number of syringes used and multiplying by quantity. Using a different technique each time will ensure your child has a flexible and balanced approach to math.

Learning math skills while young will help your child develop the abilities they need to do anything they like in adult life. 

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