The $80 Award-Winning Serum Everyone Is Talking About

The $80 Award-Winning Serum Everyone Is Talking About

October 24, 2023


Life is busy; as a mom, you’re probably already keenly aware of that fact! Often, the first casualty of our busy lives is the time we should spend on ourselves — on indulging in hobbies, rest, and self-care — including skincare. No amount of coffee can fuel us enough to get a hundred things done in a day, and it certainly won’t create extra time to spend on your skincare routine, but tea just might be able to help. We’re carving out time for ourselves and our skin and trying the raved-about serum currently taking the skincare world by storm: Fresh’s Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum.

The $80 Award-Winning Serum Everyone Is Talking About

Who Is fresh?

Fresh began in 1991 when Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg — Russian immigrants living in Boston — noticed a gap in the market for a skincare brand that was both effective and deliciously indulgent. This now world-renowned brand is their dream brought to life: a range of skincare products that look, feel, and smell luxurious but also deliver on what they advertise. The brand began simply — they first sold hand-wrapped, homemade soap in a single brick-and-mortar store that engaged their local Boston community — how things have changed!

Their tea elixir serum and soy hydrating face cleanser are two of the brand’s best-known and loved offerings this year. Fresh now offers an extensive range of nature-powered skincare and lifestyle products for diverse skin types and preferences. The combination of scientifically proven, high-efficacy, indulgent scents and textures has steered fresh into the international skincare spotlight. The brand is currently headquartered in New York and available in 16 countries.

Let’s Talk Tea

So, why is everyone raving about this tea elixir serum? Let’s get to the bottom of what has made reviewers go gaga for this hero product worldwide.

The versatile Mauritian tea plant, grown on Mauritius Island on the Bois Cheri farm, is at the heart of the natural ingredients in this anti-aging serum. Fresh has created its Adaptive Phytocompound Tea (APT) Technology using a cutting-edge extraction process that captures the plant’s adaptive phytocompounds (such as citrate and polyphenols) and harnesses them to help your skin resist and diminish the visible signs of aging.

The $80 Award-Winning Serum Everyone Is Talking About

Other Important Ingredients

  • Niacinamide to help refine the look of pores
  • 5kDA hyaluronic acid to hydrate and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Ceramide III to prevent dehydrated skin by strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier.

About The Serum

The Tea Elixir Skin Resilience activating serum has earned rave reviews from some of the world’s most reliable skincare, beauty, and lifestyle sources. Refinery 29 has nothing but love for this serum; Pure Wow gave it 97/100; Byrdie calls it “impressively innovative.” 

Here are the product specifics:

  • Size options: Medium 30 ml / 1 fl oz, or Large 50 ml / 1.6 fl oz
  • Cost: $80 and $110 on the Fresh website respectively
  • Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Core product aims: To strengthen the skin barrier, visibly boost resilience, and fight and diminish the visible signs of aging. 
  • Directions for use: Dispense a few drops onto the palm of your hand and press onto the skin (face and neck) to activate the serum. Apply to the face and neck daily, morning and night, after cleansing.
  • Recommended use: In conjunction with Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser, Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence, and Lotus Antioxidant Daily Moisturizer.

Our Experience

With the reviews we read all being so positive, we went into our trial phase with the serum with high hopes. What we were looking for — after an adjustment period — was a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and pores, smoother skin texture, and more resilient skin overall.

Integrating the serum into a daily skincare routine was quick and easy enough. Pressing a few drops (a little goes a long way with this product) onto your face and neck between cleansing and essence or moisturizer is all that’s required; just remember to take a few minutes to let the serum sink into your skin and activate properly for the best results. The serum’s texture is appealing: a milky substance that is fine enough to sink quickly into the skin. The fresh and natural tea scent was an added bonus. Unlike some other antioxidant serums, we found that this one layered well under other products and then makeup: no smudging or product pilling here.

It’s always exciting to see immediate results, especially when you’re hoping to look a little brighter and more awake as soon as possible! We saw more glowy skin after the product was absorbed, which remained after applying other products and makeup. You need to give your skin time to get used to a new product to see long-term results. We tried this serum out every day for eight weeks before taking some time to analyze the results we saw. We found:

  • A definite improvement in fine lines, particularly next to the eyes and mouth
  • Smoother-looking skin that had a healthier glow than before
  • Less obvious pores, particularly around the nose and cheek area.
The $80 Award-Winning Serum Everyone Is Talking About

Pros and Cons

Our pros: The product works! Nothing will ever be the fountain of youth, but Fresh Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum definitely lives up to its reputation. The product does what it says it will do, and it’s backed up by provable science.

Our Cons: The price point. It’s a hefty cost, but consider it an investment in your skin. A little really does go a long way.

The Verdict

Consider us influenced. We bought the product, tried it out, and saw short-term and long-term results. Any product that can contribute to us looking fresher, giving us a youthful glow, and looking more awake is one we’ll buy again.

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