12 Ways to Make a Room More Inviting

January 27, 2021

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Most people want their homes to have an inviting feel that encourages guests and residents alike to relax and enjoy the good life. That looks different for everyone, of course—some folks want airy and spacious, while others want warm and cosy. And it also looks different in every room. Those lighted signs might not feel right for your bedroom, but they’re just right for a media room. 

One thing’s for sure: It’s not hard to create a pleasant and inviting vibe with a little bit of decorating know-how. In this piece, we’ll look at 12 different ways that you can make your space homier and more comfortable for anyone who enters. 

Consider your colour scheme 

Think carefully about your colour scheme and whether it sets the tone you’re looking for. The colour scheme will set the template for future choices of furniture, paint and decor, but perhaps even more importantly, it can potentially influence the mood of people in the room (yes, really). Warm earth tones are popular for a cosy and intimate look, while cooler blues and greys create a modern, airy atmosphere. 

Incorporate pleasant textures

The texture is an extremely underrated element of home decorating. A woollen blanket, a plush throw pillow, a stone-tiled coffee table—these things can provide the textural variety that make a room a truly pleasant place to be. The texture should ideally be as important as colour in your selection process for choosing new pieces, and even though online shopping can make this challenging, it’s still an important thing to consider. 

Make a room more inviting

Go for some greenery

Plants will make your room come alive in ways you wouldn’t believe. Their ability to inject vitality into a room is unmatched, and they’re great at stretching space to make a room seem larger and more spacious. For best results, choose plants that are easy to care for, as you really don’t need an expensive or temperamental plant to create a great look for your room. 

Prioritise making your seating awesome

Comfy and intimate seating is one of the most important elements in setting an inviting tone. Keep ample seating available in common areas, place your seating close enough together that people can easily converse and don’t have too many objects that interrupt the conversation space. Matched living room sets are an awesome choice for the unified feel they provide, but prioritise comfort over looks for best results. 

Bring in a rug (or several)

Area rugs are a kind of “secret sauce” that makes many different kinds of decor schemes work. They’re perfect for creating a colour palette that compliments your furniture and wallpaper, and they generally soften the look of a room to create a friendly and intimate atmosphere. Don’t think that you have to use only one rug per room, either. They can provide a great way to separate areas of a room, especially in spaces like studio apartments. 

Kick out the clutter

A room will never be as inviting if a guest has to move a stack of envelopes off the coffee table to set their drink down. Make it a weekly (or daily) mission to rid clutter from your spaces, particularly in ones where you often have guests. Pro tip: It helps to establish spaces for items that often contribute to clutter, such as a basket for mail or a coat rack for outerwear. 

Make your bathrooms comfortable spaces

The bathroom usually doesn’t require complex decor, but a few well-chosen accent pieces here and there will go a long way toward making your bathroom a comfortable one. Lighting is something that’s particularly important in the bathroom. It’s generally good to keep bathroom lights soft to avoid the clinical feel of an overly-bright bathroom. 

Don’t ignore the power of scents

Scented candles, air fresheners and natural scent materials can be perfect tools for creating your ideal atmosphere. Even something as simple as opening a window in pleasant weather can provide a free source of wonderful smells. However, be aware that some people are sensitive to scents and not everyone likes strong ones, so it’s a good idea to keep things on the mild and natural side whenever possible.

Find ways to soften harsh lines and angles

The angular look is popular in many contemporary furniture styles, but go overboard and it can make your space seem stark and uninviting. The solution? Bring in some rounder elements, or at least ones with softer corners. A circular rug, an oval coffee table, even something as simple as a couple of round throw pillows. One or more of these can provide the magic touch that softens a room and makes it more approachable. 

Make a room more inviting

Embrace the details

Often, what makes a home truly inviting are the little details. The knick-knacks, the throw rugs and the matching coaster sets might not seem like big things, but they all come together to make your home a space that feels lived-in and pleasant rather than an attractive but sterile real estate staging. And the more a detail feels like you, the better. Something like custom wall decals of your favourite family portraits can really be a difference-maker. 

Use natural materials where they fit

House plants aren’t the only way to incorporate natural textures into your home. Using natural materials in your decorating will reward you with more relaxed and appealing spaces. Consider taking up that carpet and exposing the hardwood underneath, or choose furniture with a natural wood finish. Natural accessories are great, too. Materials like cork, sheepskin and stone are all amazing choices that can be incorporated at a small level to add a touch of natural class. 

Follow your own sense of taste and aesthetics

What fun is it to create somebody else’s dream home? At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your home is a comfortable place for you and your loved ones. By following your own heart when it comes to decoration, you’re more likely to create a space that feels genuinely comfortable and homey. 

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