Making Learning Fun: How Squishysaurus Can Help!

March 25, 2020

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Engaging kids in learning is important and there are many different ways to do it nowadays. Digital products like tablets often get a bad press when it comes to children using but they are also brilliant, sustainable tools that are excellent for education. 

Squishysaurus is an interactive augmented reality app and toy range that brings the learning environment at home and in a school environment to life in brilliant new ways. 

The younger you can begin your child’s education and make it fun the better. Aimed at preschool and younger children, the Squishysaurus app and toy collection is ideal for parents who want to provide their kids with an entertaining and engaging way to learn. 

Kids can use it on their own or with mums and dads, learning how the world works, getting creative and keeping fit at the same time.

A young boy using a laptop computer sitting on top of a table

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality or AR has been around for a while now. It allows you to use a smartphone or tablet as an interactive tool that projects images onto the real world. With Squishysaurus, you open the app and a host of fantastic characters appear in your living room, kitchen or bedroom to help you with a whole range of learning experiences. 

Not only does this get young kids learning about the world around them, encouraging them to use digital devices, but it’s also a technology that will develop over time and provide hours of fun. 

The Squishysaurus Learning Experience

The brand is built on three pillars that are designed to inspire children. These are education, interactivity and sustainability. The app uses three charismatic dinosaur characters that allow kids to move seamlessly to and from the digital and real worlds. 

The Squishysaurus characters

A close up of pink flowers on a table


Emma enjoys science and learning how the world works, especially all the wonderful animals around us! That’s great you think school is fun – Emma does too!


Alfie loves to paint, read and write poems. he’s about to burst with creativity! If you like to dream up stories and create beautiful paintings, you’re just like Alfie!


Madison loves to play basketball and try new sports with her dinosaur friends. If you like to run around outside and keep fit – you and Madison will get on great!

The range of real-life Squishysaurus toys can be added into the mix, giving children something tactile to play with while they learn. The app is a brilliant way for parents and teachers to engage with single children and groups to explore exciting new things. The interactive nature means kids quickly become immersed in the learning environment and are focused on finding out a whole host of new and interesting things. 

A small child sitting on a table

Each Squishysaurus is brought to life through the augmented reality app and can respond to your child’s voice. For example, kids can give Emma, Alfie or Madison instructions, read stories about the characters and take part in short fun quizzes to find out how much they have learned. 

Where can you buy Squishysaurus?

The Squishysaurus characters are available separately or as a bundle of three, available to buy from Amazon and direct from Squishysaurus.

Win a Squishysaurus Bundle!

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