Squish, squash, squashies #SquashiesTeaParty

January 29, 2013

I am proud to say that I was born in the 80’s, from Madonna to shoulder pads and my fabulous Bluebird A La Carte Kitchen.

Whilst Madonna still going, shoulder pads tried to make a come back and sadly the don’t make the A La Carte Kitchen anymore one thing that is still going strong are Swizzels Matlow sweets. From Love HeartsRefreshersDouble Lollies and Drumsticks.

Swizzels Matlow have just launched Squashies, a soft version of four iconic sweets. Available in either grab bags or smaller ‘me time’ 45g bags, you will find them in most supermarkets and high street stores. They are even available Amazon!

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So last weekend Roo and I were invited down to London, to the Childhood Museum to have a #SquashiesTeaParty. The children were treated to some classic party games, face painting (even I partook in this, at Roo’s insistence) and colouring.

They were two large bean bag squashies pillows for the children to sit, jump and play sausages (don’t ask!) on, which given half a chance I would have taken home with me (unfortunately not sure my fellow tube users would have been pleased).

Not forgetting a room filled with Squashies!

Roo had a chance to meet and play with Tired Mummy of Two’s beautiful girls, Grace from Dancing in the Rain along with Emmy’s Mummy‘s little Tiger. It was so lovely to see all the children play really well with each other, some new friendships have been forged.

A close up of food, with Swizzels Matlow and Kitchen

Whilst the children were having fun the adults were informed about the history of Swizzels Matlow, originally started back in 1928 in London. However during the Blitz the family decided to relocate to Derbyshire and they have been there ever since. They employ over 550 people, most of whom live within a 10 mile radius of the factory… I bet that comes in handy with production running 24 hours a day to meet demand.

The proof is in the pudding…

The best way to gage opinion of food is in the testing, so armed with a selection of squashies from my goodie bag I headed into a meeting at work today (the more they are eating, the less they say, the less I have to type up in the minutes… method to my madness). What can I say? They went down very well! In order of preference… Drumsticks, Refreshers, Love Hearts and finally Double Lollies… Thank you Swizzels Matlow!

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Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: Roo and I attended an event in London with our expenses paid. We had a fabulous time!

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