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Looking to achieve my personal fitness goals

July 22, 2014

When I think back to my youth (how old do I sound??) I can always remember being active. As a child I was running around the field at the bottom of my road, playing on the park or swimming in the local river. As I reached my teens I joined a local cadet force and was always out and about, from hiking, canoeing and rowing I was a busy little bee.

Meeting Mr Boo and still living at home we would walk down to the seafront with our friends nearly every evening and then walk home (in the days before any of us could drive). As we moved in together there was no need to walk all those miles everyday and slowly my weight crept up. After 14 years together and two children my body doesn’t bear any resemblance to what it did when we first met and my fitness levels are shockingly low.

Recently I made the conscious decision to make a change. Looking to achieve my personal fitness goals I joined a local gym and SportsShoes are supporting me in my fitness goals by providing me with some new fitness wear. Having been out of the fitness loop for so long I am pleased that my gym offers a talent programme for me to get the most out of my sessions.

I recently shared my experience of joining a gym and posed the question about what should I actually wear at the gym. I was overwhelmed by the response and with many of the comments suggesting that I should invest in a good sports bra and some Nike trousers, with a mixed response about whether to wear a tight-fitting top or an old t-shirt.

Find the perfect sports bra

With a wide range of sports bras to choose from I have to confess to being a little overwhelmed, in the end I managed to find help in the SportsShoes guides: Ten Things Every Girl Should Know About Sports Bras. I don’t have the biggest boobs in the world but personally I don’t want any movement from them when I’m pounding the treadmill so opted for a high-compression sports bra from Nike.

SportShoes - Nike high compression sports bra

Finding workout pants that work for you

I did chuckle when I read some of the comments about workout pants, especially the comment from Mums’ Days

Make sure they come over your tummy – do some lunges in the fitting room – because if they don’t I find that I’m forever pulling them up or have belly overhang. Not a good look either way!

With the consensus being towards Nike workout pants I managed to find a pair with a purple waistband to match my chosen sports bra 

SportShoes - Nike Workout Pants


Choosing between a loose-fitting or dri-fit top

Let me be honest I am carrying a few (more than a few) extra rolls that a bakery so my immediate thought about what to wear to the gym is to cover up as much as possible. Slipping on the biggest baggiest t-shirt I can find sounds appealing, however is that the best thing to wear whilst I’m working out.

The comments I’ve received about tops is split between wearing something baggy and comfy and a tight-fitting dri-fit top. The baggy top has its obvious benefits of not offending my fellow gym goers however the flappy and constant pulling it down when I’m doing different exercises will soon become annoying.

Mr Boo actually wears dri-fit tops when he goes to football and prefers them to just wear his football shirt as it holds everything in and stops sweat (for us ladies that’s perspire) running down his back and becoming annoying. So after trying one of his dri-fit tops for one session at the gym I was sold, obviously I didn’t opt for a boring black one like his instead this fetching purple number.

SportsShoes - Nike V-Neck Short Sleeve Top

Transition between home and gym

I’m looking to go to the gym on the two mornings that Tigger is at pre-school and I do not have work, so getting ready into my fitness wear ready to hit the gym straight after the school run is important. As any mum will tell you the school gates can be a frightening enough time as it is if you aren’t looking your best so I really want a hoodie or lightweight jacket that I can throw on top of my gym clothes so that my extra rolls are on display.

Not wanting to make too much of an impression at the school gates this Asics zipped hoodie helps me keep covered up, carry my membership pass and keys without making to much of an impact.
SportsShoes - ASICS zipped hoodie

Whilst I have managed to find some fabulous fitness clothes, in purple I hasten to add I want to know why they don’t come in my trademark polka dot?

What do you think of my choices?

Would you have chosen something different?

Disclosure: I received a selection of fitness wear FOC in order to help me achieve my personal fitness goals.

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