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Sleepover fun with Snuggle Sac

July 24, 2017

One of the things my children love is a sleepover. Whether they have friends or cousins over to stay. or whether they have been lucky enough to be invited to stay over somewhere. They do also love the prospect of having a sleepover in each other’s bedrooms (thank goodness they have trundle beds available). There is that element of fun when you are breaking from the usual routine.

Sleepovers can be fun for the children, yet tiring and stressful for the parents/adults. However, I’ve been looking at ways you can make the most of sleepovers especially with the summer holidays approaching.

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Aww look how small Roo was here (2014)

Sleepover fun with Snuggle Sac

For us a sleepover, wouldn’t be a sleepover without getting the children’s Snuggle Sacs out. Roo has a purple Harry Potter Snuggle Sac that we’ve had for a few years now and it still looks like new after lots of use. Tigger, on the other hand, has a classic grey star Snuggle Sac, which is unisex and timeless.

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There are several things that we love about using a Snuggle Sac for sleepover fun. It’s super snuggly (the clue is in the title), honestly, it is so soft and cosy (even after several washes). It has space to add your favourite pillow, as we all know how important taking your own pillow with you to a sleepover is. Arriving in a blue duffel bag it is easy to get out and store away when not in use. Plus the bag is a generous size so you can fit in pyjamas, toiletries, and some snacks to take with you.

Sleepover Ideas

Generally speaking, there are three main places for you to hold a sleepover, in their bedroom, the lounge or in the garden. Depending on how many you have staying over and space you have available we depend on where you decide to host it. I tend to put them in the lounge as they can sleep on the sofas, cushions on the floor, plus have access to the TV and movies etc. Also as an added benefit, they are less likely to wake any other children in the house who aren’t part of the sleepover.

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Food ideas

Do you have the children arrive after tea to save you having to make a banquet for them to eat, then only be starving a few hours later? Or do you ask for them to come round a little later and prepare snacks for them? The choice is yours and will depend on the age of the children attending for the sleepover too.

  • Microwave popcorn! Cheap so you can buy enough for everyone without breaking the bank. Plus you could buy popcorn boxes to make it even more fun – Lamb & Bear
  • Peanut Butter and Chocolate Digestive Bars are easy and yummy to make as a tray bake they’re always a hit with the kids – Mummy’s Diary
  • ‘Midnight Feast!’ (At 8pm but they’ve never realised!) Ours always love it and we take a tray up to their bedroom with little bits of cake etc! – Pink Pear Bear

Activity ideas

When it comes to planning activities and entertainment for the sleepover, you can opt to have it planned in great detail or let them go with the flow. Personally, I find that have a few activities for them to choose from goes well, that way they are still in control of what they do but you already have the items to hand. Me and My Shadow put together some Movie Night Hamper Ideas a couple of years ago and these have always gone down really well.

Other bloggers suggestions:

  • Let them burn off as much energy as possible before they settle down for the night. So get them out in the garden having a water fight etc. – Hexmum Plus One
  • On one sleepover we made tie-dye t-shirts and I wore it forever afterward – The Smallest Of Things
  • Girly Pamper parties are always a hit! Buy cheap face masks, paint nails and do mini makeovers (a bit of blush, lippy + eyeshadow), perfect entertainment on a budget – That Mummy Blog

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What are your top tips for sleepover fun?


To help you get ready for sleepover season, Snuggle Sac are kindly offering one lucky Boo Roo and Tigger Too reader the chance to win a Grey Star Snuggle Sac.

To enter simply complete the Gleam widget below:

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Disclosure: We received a Grey Star Snuggle Sac
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