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Ensuring your children stay active and healthy this summer

July 22, 2017

It’s summertime, school’s out, and routines have gone out the window. Your tots and teens want to lie on in bed and eat junk food. The healthy habits you have managed to instil in your family are now going to pot and you’re left wondering if you should give in for a quiet life. Well don’t despair, I’ve got some great ideas to get your family off to an active and healthy start this summer.

Ensuring your children stay active and healthy this summer

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Start by planning a couple of activities that they can look forward to so that they’re motivated by the fun element of the activity. It could be planning a walk around the local woodland in the morning, with a healthy picnic at the end. Getting them involved in making their own healthy snacks is a great way to secretly give them healthy habits. Turning cooking into a fun and healthy activity is a great way to get even the most lacklustre kids involved. You’ll also be instilling lots of knowledge about nutrition and giving them cooking skills to last a lifetime, what’s not to love?

Healthy Eating

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Ice cream healthy, never I hear you say! But homemade banana ice cream is exactly that. Low in sugar, and quick and easy to make, it’s your tots and teens will love it. Served with homemade pancakes it’ll be the perfect brunch after a morning cycling. Fruit is freely available all year round, but there are some delicious seasonal fruits and berries available locally and sometimes in your back garden during the summer months. Making summer pudding Is a great way to get the most from strawberries, blackcurrants, and raspberries which are abundant right now. Getting the kids involved in picking fruit and veg if you’re lucky enough to have a garden to grow them is a super way to let them see the connection from field to fork and will make them aware of where food comes from.

Staying Active

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Activities which involve exercise are a great way to get kids to work up a healthy appetite. A walk, run, swimming at the beach or cycling in the park is a fun way to get kids doing exercise without even realising it. Moreover, they’ll be ready for bed earlier, and up earlier in the morning which will keep their body clock working better. It’ll also keep their serotonin levels healthier and let them get some vitamin D at the same time leading to healthier bones and teeth. More important than all is to teach your children how to be healthy and why it’s important so they can lead long and happy lives when they leave home and have the skills to make their own healthy food and make healthy choices. Check out Push Doctor’s How To Keep Your Kids Healthy This Summer In 5 Easy Steps if you’re looking for more healthy and nutritious recipe and ideas to keep your children healthy and happy this summer.

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This is a post in cooperation with Push Doctor, all opinions are my own

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  • Tania July 27, 2017 at 9:35 am

    Also, whip up a smoothie then freeze it in a plastic mould for another delicious healthy snack for the summer days. Not that there’s much sunshine at the moment though…

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