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Simple Gifts Worthy of the New Pixel 3

December 15, 2018

The Pixel 3 made a big splash when it first debuted, and it made an even bigger one over the Thanksgiving weekend. It was the star of some major Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, which is how it found its way into the hands of thousands of people before the holidays.

If one of the people on your list managed to snag a Pixel 3, they’ve done you a huge favor. They’ve given you inspiration for what to get them this year.

This gift-giving guide shares the top Pixel presents and stocking stuffers for any Google fan on your list — even if that’s you. From smart home accessories to fun, mobile gadgets, everything on this list would complement the latest Pixel perfectly.

Pixel skins

There’s no doubt the Pixel is a sleek and sophisticated phone, but we’re living in a time of hardware parity — which is a fancy way of saying all phones look alike nowadays.

A cat sitting on top of a wooden table

And don’t they, though? Just ten years ago, you could have chosen between a flip phone, a QWERTY slider, or a bar phone, picking the style that fit your browsing and texting habits perfectly. Now, you have the choice of a basic black rectangle and a basic grey rectangle.

Although the Pixel manages to mix things up with a pink option, true customization comes from companies like dbrand. That’s where to get awesome Google Pixel skins that look different from anything else on the market. Pixel 3 skins come in textures like black matrix honeycomb, yellow carbon fiber, or sophisticated zebra wood. Mix and match the panels that make up each Pixel skin to create a totally unique look for the handset.

Home Hub

The Home Hub is like any smart home virtual assistant. The only exception is that it has a screen, so it’s perfect for the cook who prefers to watch recipes rather than read them. Its touchscreen screen measures 7-inches, with enough display to make following along with YouTube videos a cinch.


It comes equipped with Google Assistant, giving you hands-free control over everything you watch, browse, or search. The hub connects the Google Assistant to any app or smart device in your home, giving you the option to check in on your calendar, dictate a text to a friend, or control the thermostat and light switches in your home.

Of course, you can also just say, “Okay, Google,” to fall down a voice-activated wormhole as you search the web for answers to your burning questions.


The holidays are the perfect excuse to ignore your responsibilities and the weather outside, turning your attention to the screen as you devour holiday classics, tv shows, and new movies with friends and family.

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The Chromecast Ultra turns your Pixel 3 into a remote control, letting you mirror your smartphone display onto the big screen without any messy wires. It also lets you move between streaming services already hooked up to your smart television. With just a tap of the finger here and a swipe of your thumb there, you can play or pause the season’s favorites without ever getting up from your blanket fort. The only thing it can’t do is top up your mulled cider or wine — that you’ll have to do the old-fashioned way.

The Anker Power Bank

Between all the family holiday snaps you’ll be taking, recipes you’ll be pinning, and phone calls you’ll be taking during the season, the Pixel 3’s battery is coming up to its toughest challenges yet. Whether it’s a distraction from awkward family situations or a way to bridge the gap between generational divides, you’ll have your phone with you at all times throughout the holidays. Your Pixel will drain quickly as a result.

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You might not always be near an outlet or a QI-enabled wireless charger you can use depending on where your holidays takes you. That’s why the Anker PowerCore II 10,000 is a great last-minute addition to any holiday season. Its powerful battery can recharge the Pixel a few times before it needs a recharge itself.

The Pixel 3 is a great phone and an even greater inspiration for holiday gifts. You’d do well to wrap up any of these accessories for your loved ones — or even for yourself. Choose one or make a Google gift basket by getting them all. There’s no wrong answer when it comes to the Pixel.

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