How to encourage self-care for mums this Mother's Day

Encourage self-care for mums this Mother’s Day

February 23, 2022

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This mother’s day you could encourage self-care for mums through the gifts and experiences you give them.

Mother’s day is fast approaching and so you may be wondering what you might do to show your mum how much you love them. Or worst yet, you may have frantic partners wondering how to show their partners how much the kids care. Many of us can be a little last minute with this. 

Whether it is something heartfelt, an experience, simply giving your mum the day off, or even just helping them to get a good night’s sleep, there are some great ways you can show one of your favourite people in the world, your mum, exactly how much you really care. A great way to do this is to focus on self-care. We all know that mothers don’t sit high on their own priority list and they tend to take care of everyone else first. However, this mother’s day you could encourage self-care for mums through the gifts and experiences you give them. So here are some suggestions. 

How to encourage self-care for mums this Mother’s Day

How to encourage self-care for mums this Mother's Day
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A lie-in and a good night’s sleep

Sometimes it really is the simple gestures that have the most impact, some extra sleep, a homemade card, and a cup of tea or coffee in bed really could be a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day for your mum this year. It doesn’t need much, but the thought will be so appreciated. Sleep is the one thing that many mums can struggle with. They may be up earlier than everyone else or just struggle to switch off a night.

Gifting them some accessories to encourage a more restful night’s sleep could be a good idea. You could look at getting QuietOn 3 sleep earbuds to an eye mask. Simple things like this can make all of the difference to how well your mum sleeps at night and also whether she can enjoy that lie in. 

A bath 

A long hot soak in the bath is heavenly, but your mum might not get the opportunity to do that too often. Or when she does she is usually joined by curious kids or it’s cut short. So why not encourage them to take a long soak. You could even buy a new towel for your mum to use, some fluffy slippers and a robe, and even some products to enjoy while in the bath. A face mask and bath bomb will go down a treat. 

How to encourage self-care for mums this Mother's Day

Cook all the meals 

Your mum might be the one who does all of the cooking in the house, so by encouraging self-care why not give her a day off from this task. Instead, the kids and the dad could take over kitchen duties instead. Breakfast in bed, a lovely lunch and a delicious evening meal. You could even use it as an opportunity to cook all of your mum’s favourite meals. This will be very appreciated and gives your mum a chance to enjoy food that has been prepared for her, without having to leave the house and head to a restaurant. Make sure you clear the pots away as well. 

Book them a spa trip 

If you have time and the budget, then the definition of self-care is a spa day. Book your mum into a spa for the day either on their own, with you or with their friends. If you organise this then a few of you can ensure that your mum and her friends have the best day. At the spa, they will be able to use all of the facilities including a steam and sauna room. They could enjoy treatments such as a massage, and just relax enjoying lovely food and a few glasses of champagne. Bliss!

How to encourage self-care for mums this Mother's Day

Recreate a spa at home 

A spa trip is an ultimate indulgence in self-care, but if you can’t get them booked into a spa or you have left it too late you can recreate that feeling at home. Start with the background music and create an ambient atmosphere. A diffuser with their favourite aromatherapy scent, and a few candles can go a long way. Then set up new towels, a robe, slippers and lots of products for them to try. An at-home pedicure, a massage, or painting nails can also be on the agenda. 

Their favourite scent

Finally, you can’t go wrong by buying a bottle of their favourite perfume and scent. You could even go the extra mile and buy a gift set that includes cream or some extra goodies. You can’t go wrong with a branded perfume or with a high quality dupe, like the YSL Black Opium dupe, with dominating notes of coffee and vanilla. Thankfully the shops are well stocked with gift boxes around this time of year, so it may be a great way to show your mum you care and encourage them to have a few of their own self-care moments, now and in the future.

I hope that this has given you some idea of some of the things your mum might appreciate on Mother’s Day. 

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