REVIEW: Cardooo Christmas Story Cards

Last weekend with the last day of November finishing for another year and December starting I sat Roo down to start writing up all the Christmas cards for her school friends. As we sat there I looked down at the cards laid out before me and couldn’t help wondering why we bother with Christmas cards.

Sure children love receiving a Christmas card from their friends and you can buy some really pretty ones but do they form a function? not really, however I have just discovered story cards from Cardooo. Currently available in fairy tales or Christmas stories the seemingly ordinary greetings card holds a fabulous secret hidden inside.

Upon opening up the card you are able to handwrite your greeting as you would with any other card, however opening it further reveals a story book.

Imagine the look on a child’s face as they open up what they think is just another Christmas card and then realise that it happens to be much more than average. Sharing Christmas stories with children helps to bring the magic of the season alive, visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads.

Available Christmas Story Cards:

Christmas Story: The Twelve Days of Christmas  Christmas Story: The Night before Christmas
Christmas Story: The Gift of the Magi  Christmas Story: The Little Christmas Tree

There are currently four Christmas story cards available and at £3.50 I feel that this is a card that won’t be added to the recycling pile in the New Year. Carefully packed away with all the rest if the Christmas decorations ready to be brought out year after year.

To take a look at the full range of cards available please take a look at or why not take a look at their Facebook or Twitter pages.
Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I received two Christmas Story Cards FOC for the purpose of review.

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