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December 1, 2013

I work in administration and if I am honest it probably is one of the best fit jobs for me… you see I have a little thing for stationery. I can remember saving my pocket money when I was younger to buy the latest Winnie the Pooh file, pencil case, pens or a new notebook from a local stationery store in town. There is something really quite nice about new stationery, although there is a apart of me that doesn’t want to use it and let it stay all lovely and new.

My managers have slowly come around to my love off stationery. Personally I think the turning point was when we were re-organising a large walk in cupboard and I offered to bring in my labelling machine to stick labels on the shelving so everyone knew what goes where etc. One of them turned and looked at me, ‘you don’t really have labelling machine, do you?‘, whilst the other looked and said ‘I bet she does‘. Well yes I do own a labelling machine (and I love it).

With my love of pens, paper and labels you can only imagine how excited I was when Shoplet recently got in touch regarding their office stationery and offered me the opportunity to become one of their reviewers.

Take a little peek at my welcome pack…

Shoplet Office Supplies

Remarkable pencils, address labels, notebook, envelopes, Pritt stick, cleaning supplies, A4 paper, pens, paper clips and even a coffee sachet. Alongside these goodies were a couple of stationery and office furniture catalogues which I may have highlighted a couple of items and left open on my managers desk i the hope that they get the hint and treat me to some new stationery goodies.

Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I received the fore mentioned stationery welcome pack FOC as a thank you for becoming a Shoplet UK reviewer.

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