A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

Re-Styling Your Home on a Budget

April 13, 2016

It can be incredibly frustrating when your home needs a make-over but your wallet is screaming a resounding, “no”, yet with a little bit of know-how and a whole heap of creativity, you can completely transform your home at very little cost. As a busy mother of three, decorating has been a very steep learning curve (to put it politely!) but over the years I have learned some great tips about how to revamp a home on a budget and so I thought it was about time I shared these tips with you – enjoy!

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

Get Rid of it All!

OK maybe not all of it, but in order to get a clearer idea of what you want your home to eventually look like, you will need to clear each room of your home. I know this is easier said than done when you have children who insist on keeping absolutely everything, but if you can, get rid of unused toys and clothing, preferably when the kid aren’t there to kick up a fuss! You will need to be strict with yourself too and get rid of anything you haven’t used for a long time. This doesn’t mean throwing it all away as by selling possessions that are still in good condition, you could build up some funds to put towards your redecorating. Search for local selling sites online which allow you to advertise for free, or sign yourself up for a nearby car-boot sale – just don’t be tempted to buy anything from the other store-holders!

Be Inspired!

Now everything has been cleared, and you have a clear canvas so to speak, you can begin to build ideas as to how you want each room to look. Pinterest is a fantastic resource which allows you to build your own mood boards and be inspired by other people’s home design ideas. Doing it online is so much easier than making your own scrapbook and an online mood board won’t be at risk of mucky hands or accidental spillages.

A Shrewd Investment

It may seem a little odd to suggest spending money in a list of ways to be frugal when redecorating, but by investing in sturdy pieces of furniture you will save yourself huge amounts of money in the future. There are certain items which should be viewed as investment pieces such as beds and sofas, which will stand the test of time and not need to be replaced for a very long time. You can find some real bargains on sites like Bedstar that offer great quality cheap beds and mattresses, and if you choose a timeless style you will not feel the need to replace the frame for several years.

Use What you Have

It may just take swapping a piece of furniture or a throw from one room for a similar piece in another room to create a different mood in each space. Have a look through cupboards and drawers for any forgotten pieces of material or bedding which would brighten up the current decor of your home. Before you throw damaged furniture away, consider whether it would be worth having it restored and if you are feeling brave you can attempt this yourself. If you would prefer the professional touch there are several furniture restoration experts who can transform tables, chairs, and even sofas into stunning pieces to be used once again in your home.

Please let me know how you get on with your domestic revamp and feel free to post the results below!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Katie Brown

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