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8 Tips to help raise your toddler into a confident teen

May 28, 2020

Parenting is a complex process, and more often than not, you might find yourself wondering if you’re doing things the right way. You know how the life skills and lessons that your little one learns now will carry on into adulthood, and that doesn’t just include values like honesty and kindness but also important aspects of personality including self-esteem and confidence. 

Here are 8 simple and actionable steps to make sure that you raise your toddler into a teen who’s confident.

Let Them Choose

Most parents tend to struggle with this one. They hardly ever allow their children to make choices and decisions, assuming they’ll not make the correct ones. Doing this strips children of their ability to make decisions, and in turn, makes them question and second guess each step they take. Allow them to make small decisions – choosing the clothes they want to wear to that day or which homework they want to get done with first etc. 

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Encourage Self Acceptance

Unlike with us, children today are pressurised with unrealistic standards of how they should look, be and how their life should be, and that can take a blow on their self-esteem harder than you can possibly imagine. Help your little one understand the concept of self-acceptance, and learn how to accept their flaws and at the same time, keep working towards bettering themselves. 

Praise Efforts

This one’s super important, especially when it comes to younger kids. Whether or not your kid wins in the race or scores the highest marks in the math test, they deserve a pat on the back. Even if they lose. Especially if they lose. Make it a habit to praise your child’s efforts rather than their achievements. Remind them that it is okay to not always succeed, but important to keep trying hard. Doing this is actually an excellent way to raise your child into a confident teen.

Set Manageable Challenges

Another super effective way to boost your child’s confidence is to set manageable challenges for him. This way, when they win at them (which they most likely will), it’ll automatically give their self-esteem a little boost! Encourage them to learn new things and try their hand at different activities – this will again, boost their creativity and confidence levels. 


Parents often underestimate the role their words play in shaping their kid’s beliefs and personality. Just a little support and encouragement can go a long way and can help your child find the will to believe in themselves and keep going even when they seem to be failing at what they’re doing.

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Teach Self Encouragement

Remind your little one that you might not always be around to offer them encouragement and support, and when that happens, they need to be their own source of encouragement. Help them develop that automatic internal voice that motivates them to keep going when they come across a hurdle. Teaching your kid self-improvement and self-encouragement can again, help raise him into a confident teen.

Positive Self Talk

You already know how much of an impact your inner voice can have when it comes to boosting your confidence or letting you down, and that’s exactly why you need to educate your kid about implementing positive self-talk strategies right from now! Remind them to treat themselves with kindness and love, and to avoid being overly critical or harsh on their own self. 

Offer Guidance

As much as you need to give your little one the freedom to make their own choices, don’t pull yourself back from offering valuable advice or guidance, especially when it comes to making decisions that will affect them and their life. Find the right balance of freedom and guidance when it comes to your growing kid! 

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