Now that Piglet is approaching two and a half years old she is still very much in her cot.  Whilst the thought of when we should transition her to a toddler bed is there.  I’m not in any particular hurry to complete this milestone.  However, having been through this process twice before I am keen to do this in steps rather than all at once – that is, unless she decides to make a bid for freedom and climb out of her cot.… View Post

How To Decorate A Nursery

How To Decorate A Nursery

Putting up a perfect nursery before a baby arrives can be a little bit stressful, particularly if you lack experience in design. Whilst it can be an exciting time the task at hand can be overwhelming as you want to create the perfect space for the new arrival. The following tips can help put you on the right track when it comes to decorating a nursery. … View Post

The best ways to spruce up your child’…

The best ways to spruce up your child’s nursery

As we begin the new year, whether you are a parent or a parent-to-be, there are countless ways you can decorate your child’s room with nursery furniture. Once upon a time, fairy-tale and character-themed bedrooms were a hit with Mum’s and Dad’s, but now, gone are the days of animation. Instead, we are welcoming colour schemes of pastel pinks or blues intended to connote the baby’s gender, as well as any hue that showcases personality, warmth or whimsicalness is on trend for nurseries this coming year.… View Post

Grohanger // Kids Clothes Storage Made Easy

Grohanger // Kids Clothes Storage Made Easy

As I prepared for the birth of Roo I wanted to be organised with her clothing.  Starting with a chest of drawers, each drawer was labelled to hold an age group of clothing (newborn, 0-3m, etc.).  As Roo arrived and we discovered she was a girl, sleepsuits and 2-piece sets were replaced for pretty dresses and suddenly wardrobe space was required.  At first, this was easy to control as I used one colour of clothes hangers for each age group.  Before I knew it I’d ran out of a particular colour and it became a free for all.… View Post

Beautiful baby safe paint to protect your Little …

Beautiful baby safe paint to protect your Little Knights

With so many paints and colours on the market, choosing the right one for your child’s nursery can sometimes be an unwanted headache.  But what if there was a paint range that offered a perfect blend of exquisite colours with reassuring safety features to enable you to use during pregnancy – or even when your bundle of joy is born and in the room with you.

Now there is thanks to exclusive paint range Little Knights which prides itself on important health messages every bit as the wonderful lasting finished product on the walls of your home.… View Post