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Piglet Pregnancy – Week 24

August 19, 2015

It’s been a little chaotic here for the past few weeks as we have been getting ready for some renovation work to start, so the house is a little upside down that the moment. Roo and Tigger are in the middle of a two-week stay at their Granny’s house so I’ve been missing them terribly however with builders in and out it has been a blessing that they aren’t here and forced to stay in their rooms most of the day out-of-the-way of tools etc.


  • Piglet is as big as a Cantaloupe
  • Her see-through skin is gradually becoming more opaque
  • Her skin has got a new pink glow, thanks to newly formed small capillaries

A teddy bearFeeling

It’s not been a great couple of weeks if I’m honest. I’ve been feeling pretty washed out with really bad dizzy spells – to point of really frightening myself on a couple of occasions. I’m suffering more and more with back pain if I have been up on my feet for a period of time – I’ve been looking at maternity belts to see whether this will elevate some of my discomfort and allow me to be active for longer.


I’ve gone off fried foods, I’m leaning more towards protein based dishes with chicken caesar salad being my favourite dish. I’m still consuming crunchy nut cornflakes by the box full each week and I can’t see that ending any time soon.

I’ve been quite naughty by slipping into my bad habit of drinking Pepsi Max when we’ve been out and about instead of opting for lemonade or water.


After some bad dizzy spells I decided to book an extra appointment to see the midwife last week to check everything was OK. She seems pretty happy with my observations and it looks like I’m just having a rough pregnancy and have to try to rest up as much as possible. I did manage to hear Piglet’s heartbeat for the first time which was really lovely and reassuring that she is happy in there.

I had a review with my GP earlier this week too, who thinks I might have Inferior vena cava syndrome (IVCS) which is a pinching of the artery in my abdomen reducing the blood flow and therefore making me feel dizzy at times. Although my sitting and standing blood pressures were in normal range during my check up he said that this can fluctuate throughout the day. I’m due to return to work in September so will just have to see how I go and whether I find an increase in my faint/dizzy spells.

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