A little girl sitting on a bench

Piglet – 18 Months

June 10, 2017

In a blink of an eye, my little Piglet has turned 18 months. Every parent will tell you that the first years pass by especially quickly and I’m certainly noticing it more this time around. Piglet is still very much my wild child but in a fun way. Whilst she tests me daily with her adventurous side, there is a part of me that feels she is more than capable of doing the things she does.

A little girl sitting on a bench


So far I’ve only found one thing that she really doesn’t like to eat and that is macaroni cheese (can’t say I blame her it smells like feet!). Some days she’ll happily eat her three meals with little snacks and her morning and bedtime milk. Others she just wants to graze throughout the day.

She’s still my dinky little one, wearing a mixture of 6-9m through to 12-18m clothes depending on the brand. I managed to get her weighed at the beginning of the week and she’s 9.9kg (21.13lb). With her only gaining 7oz in four months, which made me worry. Although looking at her birth weight and centile she is on the same scale so nothing to worry about. It’s just so strange to have a dinky baby after two chunky monkeys.

A small child sitting on a table


Defying all my expectations she waited until she was 13 months to start to walk. There has been no stopping her ever since. She’s not overly keen on having shoes and socks on, happiest wandering around the garden barefoot.

Climbing is her party trick, with her able to climb on things that I never imagined she would. Although if she sees you and knows you’re about to say something, she’ll slip herself down, walk away and look back at you as if to say ‘what? I didn’t do anything‘.

A baby sitting in a high chair eating


On the whole, she is a good sleeper. After having Tigger who woke hourly throughout the night for almost two years she is a dream. The past month has seen her whimper in the night which she usually self-soothes but increasingly she just wants a 20-minute cuddle with mummy. She seems to gauge when I’m getting upset with her waking up repeatedly by doing something funny or cute to balance my emotions. Last night is was her taking her dummy off the clip so I had to find another, she sat and looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and said oh dear – which did make me smile.

A small child sitting on a couch holding a baby


Piglet started nursery at the beginning of May. Just two mornings a week but it gives me the opportunity to get some work completed. Whilst giving her the chance to interact with children her own age. No matter how grumpy she is with me in a morning she is so happy as we pull into the car park. I’ll open the car door and she hands over her purple muslin and dummy before attempting to climb out of her car seat. The nursery staff tells me that she has settled in well and is a happy soul whilst she is playing and interacting with children and staff.

A small child sitting on a table

And just like that Piglet was 18 months old!

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