Tell Me About Yourself

I was very kindly tagged by at least daddy can cook…


The rules for receiving this award are:

1. I must tell 7 secret things about myself.
2. I must pass the award onto 15 other bloggers.

Here goes…

7 Secret Things About Me (not sure how secret they all are, but they’re certainly not things I share very often):

1. I cannot use toilets where the cistern is high up on the wall (I’m convinced I died in a previous life by one falling on my head)

2. I give myself pep talks whilst sitting on the toilet (I can put the world to rights sitting there)

3. I have no matching underwear

4. I have to clean my ears at least three times a week

5. I often feel alone, even in a room full of people

6. I think my eyes are best feature but are hidden behind my glasses

7. I have a fear of dying alone and unloved

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