A truck that is driving down the road

Pick The Right RV For Your Next Trip

October 5, 2018

Before plunging in and buying an RV (whether it’s for a lifestyle change, business opportunity or your next road trip), take a step back and review your alternatives or reasons for doing it. Consider cost, cash or long-term payments, size, purpose, brand-new versus second-hand, pop-up camper or travel trailer and travelling alone or with kids?

A truck that is driving down the road

Types of RVs

Basically, there are two major categories: motorized and towable RVs. It is not surprising that many prefer the motorized one for the power, size, convenience and overall experience it provides to users.

They are classified as A, B and C depending on the size. Class A is the most spacious of them all while Class B also called “van campers” is the smallest. What it lacks in size it most definitely makes up for with its efficiency and convenience.

You can have modern living amenities while travelling in a van. Class C is a mid-sized RV which often features a sleeping area above the cab. Towable RVs on the other hand as the name suggests, can be detached and is ideal for travellers and families that stay in the same location for several days.

Whether it is a motorized or towable RV, one thing is certain. You’ll want to make that you have taken everything into consideration before purchasing a unit because RVs values depreciate faster compared to trucks and cars. Here are some helpful tips to mull over before taking the leap.

Buy a used one

If you are interested in trying RVing for the first time, it is a practical move to buy a used unit and check to see if it is right for you. If it’s a good match and you love it, you can sell it and do an upgrade in the future. And if you don’t, it will be easier to sell so you won’t get stuck with a fast-depreciating unit which could potentially set you back thousands of dollars plus a headache.

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Everything should be up and running

This is especially true if you are buying a second-hand unit. Be proactive and make sure that the RV and its amenities are all in good running condition. It should normally include living basics such as hot water, a toilet/bathroom, electricity, plumbing, heating/cooling systems, and many other variations. Whether you are purchasing a unit for an adventure trip or planning to use it as a pop-up store, choose the right vent fan to increase comfort level inside the van. This will improve function, comfort, and aesthetics of your interior.

Pay in cash

Similar to when you take out auto loans, the early payments for an instalment plan mostly takes care of interests, so be wiser and do not make this common mistake. You can avoid paying more for what it’s worth especially if you purchased the RV on a long-term payment plan because if you find that this living condition or business option suits you or your plans then it will make it so much easier for you to upgrade later on.

Buying an RV whether brand-new or used does not come cheap and is a significant investment. Take the time to think about why you want or need to purchase one so you can make the best decision for you or your family.

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