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5 must-have welding tools

March 13, 2019

A welder must have all the basic tools to make their work easier and ensure that it’s done well. To identify some of these tools, you may check out RateMyWelder.com. You will find reliable information on welding. If you prefer hiring a professional welder, you will get information on factors you should consider. There are so many opportunities in the welding industry. But one must know the basics, and also have the necessary tools.

Here are 5 must-have welding tools:

A man wearing a mask

1. Gloves

There are various types of gloves. You should choose the appropriate type of gloves depending on the project you are doing. This ensures maximum protection of your hands. You may get personalized gloves depending on the nature of your work. Always ensure you have your gloves on before you start welding. Welding is a risky job and you should aim to maintain good health.

Remember to wear a long-sleeved shirt to protect your arms when welding.

2. Welding helmet

Technology keeps changing. You should always review new welding helmets and other tools regularly. A helmet is a protective accessory that you need in welding. You should choose the best based on quality, design, and cost. The type of helmet also depends on its uses. If you are a professional welder who uses the helmet every day, then you should opt for a heavy-duty helmet that is more durable.

For amateurs, it is good to opt for a helmet that offers protection up to the throat. You should compare the available options first to identify what best suits your needs. Before you start welding, ensure your safety first. Always wear a helmet when welding regardless of whether you are doing it for a short time, or the whole day.

3. Fire extinguisher

This is an emergency tool that every welder should have. In case of fire accidents from sparks, the fire extinguisher will come in handy. You should invest in a small fire extinguisher. It can help you prevent possible loss of property as a result of the fire caused by sparks during welding.

4. Grounding Clamps

This is an essential welding tool that prevents electric shock. In the case of electrical surges, it can also caution you from that. Having a grounding clam makes arc welding easier. Always ensure that the clams are in contact with the metal pieces you are working with. To choose the best grounding clamps, you should check out reviews online. Those made of copper are the best since they can withstand high heat.

5. Welding Cart

A professional welder should be well organized. It is important to have all the welding tools all the time. This makes it easier for you to complete any projects. You need a welding cart to carry all the welding tools and sheet metal equipment. It should be big enough to accommodate the clamp, squares, and grinder. You should also include a wire brush, tape measure and pliers and protective clothing. This makes it easier to move from one project to another hence you work more efficiently.

If you want to excel in welding, it is important to have all the basic welding tools. We have discussed a few tools that you should always have to make your work easier.

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