A little girl sitting at a zoo

Days filled with mud, sweat, and sunscreen

September 15, 2017

Just like that our summer adventure days are over. It is time for us to blast back to reality, with the children returning to school and nursery. I can start to ensure the usual family routine is back in place and the house is returned to its pre-summer state. It is time to pack away the things we have accumulated over the holidays, from souvenir guide books, postcards and a whole host of photos – which I need to sort into a mammoth summer scrapbook to recall our adventures.

Days filled with mud, sweat, and sunscreen

A little girl sitting at a zoo

The summer has been filled with days out to various places. Opting not to take a traditional week away to any one place. Instead, we have made use of our Merlin Annual Passes, play dates with family and friends and visiting local attractions. The ease of coming home to your own bed each night, as well as the home comforts of popping the washing on etc as we head out the door, make summer days out so much easier.

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A powerful trio

My trio has been enjoying the summer, filling their days with a mixture of mud, sweat, and sunscreen. Whilst the family fun is something memories are made of there is a part of me that looks at them all dishevelled at the end of the day and wonder how I am going to clean up their mess.

I have to admit to previously only allowing the children to wear certain outfits that I don’t mind them ruining. So should that amazing grass stain that they managed to gain from rolling down the hill. Or the coloured sunscreen polka dot effect that they’ve gained from being a little over zealous when applying. Not come out in the wash I wasn’t too disappointed. 

A little girl that is standing in the grass

However, life shouldn’t be like that. Washing shouldn’t be like that. So if Roo wants to wear a tutu to the park, Tigger wants to have his best jeans on and Piglet wants to look cute in her Joules summer sets they can. Gone are my days of worrying about getting them clean, whilst my trio might be experts at getting things dirty. Persil is an expert at getting things clean with their new Powergem technology – harnessing three powers; stain removal, freshness and care.

Adding a small cap of the confetti style washing gems into my washing machine, I can sit back and relax knowing that they are working together to remove the stains loving gained by my children. Eliminate the odours trapped in the clothes from running around making memories. As well ensuring that the softness and suppleness of the fabric remain, making it feel soft against the skin.

Have you managed to fill your days with mud, sweat and sunscreen?

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