One man’s dream, how it changed lives

Did you ever have a dream? One where you could help others and change their lives for the better? Well, once upon a time one man, the Reverend Henry Duncan had a dream. His dream was to help local people, to help them get themselves out of poverty.

Take a look at how he managed to achieve his dream…

It’s amazing to think that one man from Lochrutton, Kirkcudbrightshire managed to open his first savings bank branch in Ruthwell in 1810. From there is has changed and evolved into the TSB we know today.

What a nostalgic overview of how things have changed since his dream back in 1810. Banks may not have the greatest reputation over the past few years, however maybe it’s time to stop and think about why banks were set up in the first place, the people they were for and how we can improve relations with our banks going forward.

So what is your dream? 

Do you dream of changing the world one day at a time? 

I think this video shows us that by having a dream and following it through you are able to change the lives of those around you and maybe, just maybe on a wider scale too.

Boo xxx
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