5 Common things that hold businesses back

In Order To See Success, You Need To Know What’s Holding You Back

December 10, 2023


There are plenty of reasons why businesses don’t see success. Some fail within their first year, some make it through but barely, and others absolutely thrive on the market. If you are someone who has been wondering why this happens, what makes those businesses thrive versus what makes them fail, then you’re in the right place. If you want to see success on the market, you have got to know what is holding you back from getting there so that you can fix it. Seems so simple when we say it like that, but the reality is a lot harder.

Often, people find that identifying the issues in their own business can be somewhat of a challenge for multiple reasons. However, if you want any chance of moving forward and being successful it’s something that you’re going to have to learn to do asap. In this article we’re going to be pointing you in the right direction by telling you some of the common things that hold businesses back. Have we got your attention? Good. 

5 Common things that hold businesses back

5 Common things that hold businesses back

Employees Who Aren’t Performing

Employees who aren’t performing are damaging to your business. Your business needs everyone to put their best foot forward in order to see success, and if this is not happening then it’s going to be noticeable. There are some people that think they can just pass their work off to others and it won’t be noticed because there are a lot of employees, but this is simply not the case at all. Everyone that you hire has a purpose in the business, and they need to be fulfilling this purpose in order for your business to work the way that it should.

If it gets to a point where you are concerned about someone’s performance, the best thing that you can do is to conduct performance reviews. This way, you will be able to formally write down the concerns that you have, and look into how they are actually performing in the right way. Make sure that these are random otherwise your employees will change their behavior for the duration of the review. As such, your problem won’t get solved because they will go right back to being lazy when they think that you are not watching.

A Problem With Money

Money can be a touchy subject for some people to talk about, and we can understand why. It’s not the easiest thing to talk about, especially if you don’t have a lot of it and you are struggling to get to where you want to be financially. But, it needs to be discussed because it could be one of those things that is holding you back. We know that you know how important money is to make your business a success, so if you’re struggling with it, then you need to ask for help. It’s time to put your pride aside, and do what is best for your company.

It might be a good idea to see if the bank can offer you a small business loan so that you can pay for everything that you need to pay for. Of course, you then need to pay this back with interest, but hopefully it will be the boost that you need to see profits start coming in. If this doesn’t appeal to you, then maybe try seeking out a new investor. Whichever option you choose to fund your business is up to you, just make sure it’s the right one for you.

5 Common things that hold businesses back

Poorly Ranking Content

What’s your content like at the moment? For most people, the answer is poor. This is usually because they haven’t enlisted the help of an expert and they’re not 100% sure about what they are doing, so they’re just winging it and hoping for the best. More often than not this is a waste of time because unless you educate yourself on SEO or hire someone to help, it’s simply not going to work. 

If your content is poorly ranking, this needs to change because it means that you are not visible. Invisibility is not a cool little trick that you want to have in the business world. You want to be out there, you want people to know your name, and it starts right here with your content. Do you know about local SEO? If not, you need to look up a local SEO guide when you start looking at how to correctly implement SEO tactics to help your content rank successfully. Or, as we said, you can hire help to take care of this for you. Either way, it’s got to be done.

A Website That Doesn’t Work

Do you have a website that isn’t helping your business see success? Then it’s holding you back. Your website is one of the most important aspects of your business seeing as most people are going to find your business this way. It’s the first impression that they get of you, and if it’s not a good one then you’re not going to be seeing near the level of success that you should be.

It’s likely that you designed this website yourself using a template that you found, so now you need to invest in a web designer like you should have done in the first place. They will be able to fix your website, make it look shiny and new, giving it the makeover it needs.

More than that, it’s got to be practical. The load times need to improve, your site speed needs to be faster, and it shouldn’t take more than three clicks for users to find what they are looking for. Web developers can give you all of that, so make sure you get this sorted asap. It’s a good idea to check your bounce rate as well so that you can see where most people are clicking off. This will give you an insight into what they don’t want, and it will help you make better decisions down the line.

5 Common things that hold businesses back

Lacking In Leadership

It’s common for people to not look at themselves as the problem. We mean, of course it wouldn’t be your leadership when you want your business to succeed so badly, right? Wrong. Even if you are giving it your all, it still might not be enough and that’s what some people find so hard to accept. But, if you can identify that the problem is your leadership ability sooner rather than later, then you can start taking measures to fix it. For example, you might want to attend some leadership courses to learn new tactics. Or, you might decide that you want to bring in a partner and lead the business together so that you can learn from them. 

It’s not the end of the world and it doesn’t mean that you haven’t given your business everything that you’ve got. It just means it needs a little improvement somewhere, and like anything else, you need to make sure that this happens.

While this is not an extensive list, there are a lot of things that we’ve left for you to consider. It’s now your job to go through your business with a fine tooth comb, and see if there’s anything that we have mentioned, or anything else that you can spot that could be holding you back. If there is, you need to get this sorted as soon as possible so that you can move forward with your business, letting it have the success that it deserves.

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