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Monthly Goals | May 2020

April 30, 2020

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As I started the year I wanted to make a record of my plans and goals. A way to prompt me into action as well as a way to hold myself accountable for successes and failures along the way.

Looking back at the months that have passed so far it is easy to see that there have been more failures than successes. I could add a list of excuses as to why this is, time-poor, the current pandemic etc. However, I fear it is more a case of not applying enough effort – certainly something you would have found written on my school reports.

How did I get on with last months goals?

The past month has seen us in lockdown, with our life outside our home and garden on hold. So the perfect time to reassess things and apply more effort to the things I’m still able to do from home.

  • Homeschooling – A task if I’m honest I would never opt to take on, however, like many parents I have found myself with this new title added to my job description. Thankfully the schools have helped me a great deal with suggested schedules, activities and resources to guide me through my crash course in teaching.
  • Garden bucket list – After spending a lazy afternoon in the garden with the children I managed to come up with a garden bucket list of tasks, jobs and wishes. Something in which I have started to make progress. With the fence and gate painted, the old wooden playhouse dismantled and not one but two new garden storage units built and in place.
  • Finances – The end of the financial year has happened and in an attempt to be organised I have managed to not only have my accounts up to date but submitted my self-assessment tax return. With work virtually at a standstill, we have looked at our finances and managed to arrange a mortgage payment holiday. As well as cancel some old direct debits. Things are going to be tight for a while but the freezer is full so we won’t starve.
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My plans and goals for May

As I look to the month ahead I can’t yet bring myself to make plans outside of your home and garden. Feeling that the lockdown measures will be in places for the coming weeks.

Rearrange the garage

Our garage like many garages across the county does not house our car. Instead it holds our chest freezer, tools, gardening supplies, as well as boxes of memories, junk and items for a car boot sale. It’s all a higglety pigglety mess and could so with a good reorganisation,

Photo gallery

I bought an array of photo frames from IKEA months ago. The hope of filling them with family snaps and creating a photo gallery. Whilst I’m not sure I’ll feel confident enough to add them to the wall myself, I can at the very least source and print the snapshots I wish to include in the frames.

Bedroom mini makeover

Roo’s bedroom has in largely been one that we haven’t really done anything with since we moved in some four years ago. Other than rearranging the furniture, she still has the same curtains that came with the house. Plus her bedding is most certainly not a design that she would choose for herself. I’d love to add some new soft furnishings and maybe some new prints and photos to make it more age-appropriate.

What plans and goals do you have for the month ahead?

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