Meeting Myself Coming Back – 01/04/12

April 1, 2012

Welcome to Meeting Myself Coming Back, a little Blog Hop Linky created by A Twenty Something Mum and Makeshift Mummy. Every other week we will post a series of questions which you are welcome to join in at your leisure.

First there are a few rules:

1. You MUST copy the rules before you write your answers.

2. You MUST include the introduction and original header saying how these two fabulous yummy mummy’s created it.

3. Don’t hold back and enjoy 😉

Without further ado, there goes…
1. List the names of up to 10 people you wouldn’t mind being stuck in a lift with and why?
My best friend Lou, we can talk for hours and then when we get home we still remember something we didn’t tell each other.

Jack Dee, I love his dry wit.
Peter Kay, who wouldn’t want him there… funniest man alive!
Mary Poppins, I’m sure she would have something really useful in her carpet bag so we would all be comfortable whilst waiting to be released.
Davina McCall, I’ve had the biggest girlie crush on her since Big Brother started.
Adele, so she could sing to us all.
Jamie Oliver, to cook us up something nice.
My Mam, for some time together with no distractions.
Joshua Jackson, just to swoon over.
2. Aside from being a parent what’s your greatest achievement and why?
Getting married. I know I’m going to cause some ripples here but I wanted to be a ‘Mrs’ and before I had my children (I’m really quite old fashioned you see). 

3. Who’s your naughtiest crush?
Naughtiest?? Not sure on this one but I do love Joshua Jackson (he played Pacey Witter in Dawson’s Creek).

4. Whats the one thing you want but don’t have? And how far would you go to get it? 

Peace of mind, I am always thinking, worrying, analyzing everything I do so if I could clear my mind for 10 minutes everyday I would be very happy. Not sure how far I’d go to get this though. 

5. Do you remember your dreams and if so whats your most memorable one?
I am known for having some weird dreams, especially when I am ill. My most memorable has to be a signpost that had four signs on it but a Teletubby attached to each one. Then it spun round and round until the Teletubbies flew off. Dream analysts please work that one out!

6. What are your biggest regrets and why?
Not joining the army when I left school. I fell in love and stayed but wished I had followed my dreams to join up and have a career.

7. Does your imagination get the better of you?
Yes, I can jump at the sight of my own shadow. In fact of Mr Boo is walking around the house and I’m not expecting to see him I can jump out of my skin.

8. What’s the one thing you would change about yourself both mentally and physically?
A tumtuck would be first on my list for physically. After two emergency c-sections it has never been the same since.

Mentally I’d have to go for less worrying, I am a natural born worrier. I can and do worry about all sorts of silly things. 

9. What scares you more than anything else?
This is a difficult one, I have two…

Dying alone, I worry that when the time comes I’ll have nobody to hold my hand.
Toilets where the cistern is up high, don’t ask me why. They terrify me and I will not and can not use them. 

10. How do you hope you are perceived to be by others?
Kind and helpful.

There you have it, my first answers to the Meeting Myself Coming Back meme – Please head over to the linky to add your own and check out others!

Boo xxx

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