Meet The Floogals – a trio of tiny, happy aliens

August 22, 2017

Curiosity has landed…  An exciting, brand new live-action sitcom-in-miniature children’s series has arrived!

Join The Floogals, a trio of tiny, happy aliens on a mission to explore our hooman world! They’re space explorers who have landed on our planet to observe us and objects in our everyday lives.

The Floogals

To Captain Fleeker, First Officer Flo and Junior Floogal Boomer, everything is exciting. Every baffling object they encounter arouses their curiosity, and their natural inquisitiveness sets them on a series of comic adventures as they set about discovering in minute detail what it does and how it works. Then they send their report back to Planet Floog to earn a very special sticker for their collection.

Their conclusions about what they may be are as funny as they are wildly inaccurate… An unusual and entertaining perspective of our world that will appeal to both children and adults, the Floogals combines photo-real CGI animation with live action and a great deal of slapstick humour. 

The series is based on an original concept by Dan Good (‘Wissper’, ‘Waybuloo’), and made by BAFTA and Emmy-winning special effects studio Jellyfish Pictures, and especially re-voiced for UK audiences.

The Floogals

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